Justin Bieber at The Ellen Show take Surprises Superfans


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  1. Julissa Baez says

    5hat is so nice

  2. Julissa Baez says

    Lol sorry for that last one ment to say THAT is so nice

  3. Ashlynn Schlatter says

    So cute!

  4. Ashlynn Schlatter says

    I wish Justin Bieber his songs are awesome

  5. Leslie Hoffman says

    Awww, that's so sweet. Justin is a good signer and person all he did was loose his way

  6. afra şenlik says

    I love you justin bieber

  7. Samantha Orellana says

    i LOVE YOU Justin Bieber

  8. Gwynneth Stafford says

    I would adore this for my brother who is the HUGEST FAN OF THE ENTIRE JBS WORLD if Jb was Here I'd smile w/ him

  9. Genie Dancing says

    Justin Bieber should surprise Jungkook…

  10. Sujon ! says

    1:08 justin how are you wife ahhhhhhhhhh

  11. Oyun Zamani says

    I Love you Justin Bieber

  12. Chazity Ward says

    I love so much Justin bieber you are the best so much

  13. Yasmin Delgado says

    I em a fan of justin bieber

  14. Layenne Kelly Alves says

    A eu quero te conhecer beiber

  15. Ken Ore says

    I love JB❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Ava's world says

    Hey im ava

  17. fauzia anjum says

    I wish justin was my husband he's so cute I wish I could see him but I can't I live in pakistan

  18. Dora Dora says

    Justin am a girl am from india….I have one doubt ….Y u only giving surprise to the girls ….Not for boyzzzz??

  19. Dora Dora says

    I also want to meet u…

  20. Cambria Robinson says

    i love him

  21. Kai-Lan Gaitan says

    that was so of him to take his time and meet his fan's

  22. beliver boy says


  23. Nisa Brooks says

    He is Real. Holy shit i really want to meet justin

  24. Destiny Fletcher says

    I want to meet jb

  25. Brooke Heflin says

    Justin is looking at her ass in the thumbnail

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