‘Selena Gomez Dropping NEW Music?! — Kylie Jenner DESTROYS Snapchat (DHR)


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Selena heads back to the studio to work on new music, and Kylie brings Snapchat stocks down? All this & more on today’s DHR. For…

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  1. justin bieber's #1 fan says

    I hate the new snapchat update I barely even use it now and I can't wait to hear new music from Selena

  2. UNI style77 says

    All things eventually come to an end like snapchat

  3. Shaina V says

    You want sel to win a Grammy.
    She can't even sing
    What the hell??

  4. Alissa Hi says

    Undoing the update

  5. Ima KeepItReal says

    I've never liked sc. So I've never used it.

  6. Dany Dt says

    Snapchat update? whats the matter with it, i don't get it, can somebody explain? :/

  7. TheTheveronicaspl says

    Uninstalled snapchat a year ago. It's laggy and freezes all the time. Besides, we have instagram stories now.

  8. Doireann Healy says

    i hate the new snapchat but i still use it

  9. grknt67 says

    snapchat should be replaced by instastory

  10. WhyDoYouWantToKnowMy Name says

    I have to disagree with you Erin. I think 1D will be back in the next few years. They never toured MITAM and I think they have new music to make together yet.

  11. Stripes Iced says

    I think Selena should focus on acting than music

  12. Sweety Animal says

    I still use snapchat but I don‘t like the update at all

  13. Glitter Sparks says

    Undoing the update would put snap back on

  14. Nikhil Sonavane says

    Here for the Troye and Ariana collab ❤️

  15. Get em' Together y'all says

    Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande oml Wht I wanted to hear

  16. linna imeri says

    K snapchat was over when they did the new update kylie didnt destroy it they did that to themselves.. ugh

  17. Vanessa Romero says

    I don’t mind it anymore, I actually like how I can mute people and not have them show up on the top of my list. We all have those’s people who snap themselves singing etc. lol!

  18. Luis Garcia says

    I still use it but not as often as I used to due to the update and every time I open it just bothers and annoys me, so that’s led me to not use it as often as I used to. Just waiting for Snapchat to listen to our opinions and to not be money hungry for ads, that they stop caring for our opinions. Come on Snapchat what happen, you used to be my favorite app but now Instagram just like always might win me over.

  19. PurpleZombie says

    I don't use Snapchat anymore. I didn't use it much before, I really only used it to keep up with Kylie and Kim and other YouTubers, but now I don't even want to go in the app anymore

  20. Jacob Gustin says

    Selena needs to win a Grammy like ASAP

  21. Joy Pops out of the world says

    i use it but hate the update

  22. Jasleen Bhullar says

    Can't wait for sel to drop sg2

  23. Yovita AW says

    i use snapchat to look up celebs or famous people because they tend to use snapchat more than ig story (i think it's for keeping their 'image' on ig). luckily i usually dont update my apps until it has new cool update

  24. Solveig Marie Ulstein says

    I still use snap but I think they should go back to the way it was before the update

  25. Living Deliciously says

    I have never used it before and with the negative reviews I don’t think I want to ever use it lol

  26. Lenny From the Block says

    Snapchat is going to do well in the long run from this update… even IF Kylie won’t use it…. remember how Facebook and also twitter had those updates and we hated them? They suffered a little but now they have even more success than before

  27. ARMY FANDOM says

    Selena doesn't even write her own music

  28. Maria Stephannie says

    "Until they're older like backstreet boys kinda thing"??????? BACKSTREET BOYS NEVER SEPARATE, THEY'VE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 25 YEARS. Erin you should apologize

  29. Bobby Phillips says

    analysis figure vacation this flow mode such brush function smoke.

  30. Light Johson J says

    I knew Kylie would name it after her damn makeup still sad and pathetic! Erin your prediction was right.

  31. Jasmine Villena says

    Troye ♥♥♥

  32. N.D.E.K says

    I’m using it but I don’t like it ( Snapchat ) they should just go back to the last version or make a new one similar

  33. Tom Joy says

    I haven't used snap chat sine June 2017

  34. rain drop says

    1) open snapchat
    2) use a filter
    3) save it to your gallery
    4) close snapchat
    5) open instagram and load it to your igstory

  35. koen verberkt says

    Who’s ria ora?

  36. Tena D says

    Selena is trying to get Bieber money by trapping him in a pregnancy.

  37. Naya S. says


  38. Romy Schneider says

    Considerable direct scientist action version miracle faint clue.

  39. Zahra Alam says

    I think that they should just change the story feature. Everything else seems fine.

  40. Eric Williams says

    Celebrities culture I always dreamed about studying. I dream to be a celebrity psychologist. And artist. Eric Williams

  41. I hate fake people says

    I'm really getting tired of collaboration crap, just make music individual and make it good

  42. I hate fake people says

    Selena better do more acting and less singing

  43. noname vestich says

    Snapchat should un do the update

  44. Austin Snoopy 23 says

    Get read of the update. It needs to go back to the way it was!!!!

  45. Gio says

    “Summer of 92” would such a good album title choice tbh❤️

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