Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Sued by Ex


NBA Star Blake Griffin, who is currently dating Kendall Jenner, is being sued by his ex-fiancée, Bryn Cameron, for “palimony”. Then, Nelly is in more legal trouble, but continues to deny…

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  1. sam townsend says

    Devin is really cute and I like her boots.

  2. NetSunJin says

    I didn’t know he had kids.

  3. Ohwo Frankie says

    But it wasn't like he and Kendall were all over each other or even kissing, etc. They could just have met randomly. Kendall is the only sane one in the family, in my opinion.. She is more Jenner than Kardashian.. lol

  4. Ohwo Frankie says

    Oh Wendy STOP! Kim has NOTHING on Shantell..

  5. DDports says

    hearing Suzanne laugh in the background makes me happy . There's something bout her that i like

  6. MonsterDump says

    Blake griffin reminds me of Kris Humphries

  7. POOP POOPY says

    Give Blake Griffin the respect he deserves… put his name In the title… smh

  8. blood honey says

    4:09 Nelly really looks like The Grinch in that photo

  9. Aziah Johnson says

    How is a BLACK woman trying to look Kim Kardashian, pretty sure its the other way around.

  10. Diva Lawyer says

    It was not 200 million…. Smh… They clearly don't watch sports

  11. Ahtziri Orozco says

    why are the kardashians always home wrecking?

  12. Key'Aira says

    Lol @ "Kendall Jenner's boyfriend". Say that man's name, lmao.

  13. Angeliquelovely says

    WHOOOOOOO CARES! as long as he love his children and take care of his business that's, that's

  14. Aloha says

    Devin forgot the allegations that Blake Griffins ex and their kids were basically homeless and her brother is having to take care of her and Blakes kids financially while she gets back into her career. How dare Blake be living in a mansion while his kids are basically homeless…. allegedly.

  15. Ana P says

    Why do these Kardashian-Jenner women like committed guys???? The guy that Khloe is with, he was engaged and had a recent baby with another woman….. Kylie and her baby's father's….. Kendall and this guy…..

  16. jacqueline Moore says


  17. Kieran Jay says

    Rest of your life is stretching it.

  18. Cher cher says

    Devin's outfit… is everything

  19. Daisies and Lillies says

    These Kardashians are so disgusting the way they behave with men. I don’t want anything to do with a man who abandons his family and small children!

  20. Schehrazad A says

    Those Kardashian witches are maneaters

  21. Diamonds Rfoever says

    Ew …. Kendal u r disgusting… more than him he is already disgusting as a cheater …. ew … Kendal is disgusting…

  22. Allegra Logan says

    Wendy is not a well person and seems to be just head alone right now.
    As for Blake’s baby mama, she has another child by another baller. Thots can come from various walks of life.
    Nelly needs to do jail time as he keeps getting into these messes and gets out of it.

  23. Tuamotu says

    "It's easier to get into Heaven than it is to get into Devin" – her tag line from The Real World. She's one of my fave Real Worlders/Challengers.

  24. linus karlshammar says

    She spilled the tea !!!

  25. Zakwan Shah says

    you know its about to get real when two black women sit down and have a conversation

  26. Julio Chino Martinez says

    kendall has a boyfriend??…the word in the streets is that she is a lesbian

  27. Sabina Galic says

    Can‘t stand this girls voice, stop being so loud jeeeez!

  28. Emmanuelle Kus says

    Can this girl be a replacement for Wendy when she is done!? She is amazing!!

  29. Maimuna Tavares says

    i miss wendy already 🙁

  30. No1CurrMadison777 says

    Nelly looks rough

  31. Dee A says

    Love her!! She should come back!!

  32. Kristenfred says

    you can’t trust these niggas

  33. Elaine Bines says

    no doubt monager will have a prenup ready for him, when he pops the all important money ride ticket to Kendall

  34. Damia Dini says

    waduh pelakor internasional yee

  35. Ogechi Jaiyesimi says

    Wendy wil be on team anybody who attacked the KardJenner

  36. Ogechi Jaiyesimi says

    Every girl wants to be like Kim Kardashian

  37. 4United says

    I loved Devon on this clip

  38. Julie Lemoine says

    So those jenner -kardashian only date ugly men ?

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