Justin Bieber Sex Tape Leaked?


Does Justin Bieber have a sex tape? Sam, Grace, Brett, and Jason Carter talk about Justin’s naked butt and his request for privacy. Let us know if you think Justin deserves his privacy. ******…

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  1. Antonio Thunder hunter says

    You can't just compare Emma Watson with Justin Bieber. Emma is not hopping on different guys every other day, and she isn't doing things with anyone with public, like having sex???

  2. D’meach da peach says

    justin's a bitch #exbeliber

  3. Manda jupp says

    brett quietly he's feeling 22

  4. lazy otter says

    wait WTF
    Jason Carter as in …..oh pitt crew RPDR ?

  5. Apricot Blossom says

    I cant believe justin bieber is still a topic of conversation

  6. SuperLyria says

    It isn't double standards because they're both experiencing equal amounts of hate. Also there's a difference between having pics of you taken in private being leaked and then having sex in PUBLIC. If a celeb is gonna walk around naked in public (Orlando bloom) or have sex in public when they know the paparazzi stalk them constantly, they should expect pics to be taken of them which is why people don't have as much of a problem sharing those pics compared to pics taken in private.

  7. Tiki80 says

    "I saw his butt" creepy smile that dude seems to have serious hottness for JB like he came off as a perv to me about constantly praising his dick n how interested he is on watching the tape…. and how does these videos get leaked??? they record it themselves and what gets on someones elses hands? yeah right this all is just a big stunt for more attention n fame. why ppl make so much news out of these justin miley cyrus selena BS life and why its remotely interesting is beyond me.. they are just famous for their disgusting actions..

    give attentions to those who does good and are talented and deserves recognitions! so many underrated artists yet many dont know them about but these scandal brats that are worshipped by teens…

  8. Tiki80 says

    this sofia chick is the new Kim kardashian in making… get famous through "having made a sex tape w justin" n she just turned 18…. eeww gross

  9. karen henry says

    Sorry, I don't think there's much of a double standard here. I feel the same way about Kim Kardashian and her "I wish people would forget how I got famous" while simultaneously posting nude photos every day. You can't complain about a lack of privacy and keep swinging your meat around every corner. If you're a celebrity, you don't have much of an expectation of privacy. You SHOULD be able to have that, but realistically, that does not exist in this world. They have those long lens cameras, drones, secret recordings on phones, etc. If you're a celebrity, you already know that this is the world you live in. If you still choose to walk around your backyard in your birthday suit, then you can expect a magazine somewhere is going to buy the photos, and if you get famous for a sex tape and continuously post nude photos you can expect no one is ever going to forget what started your rise to fame.

  10. Sabrina Villanueva says

    Lol also.. If not in regards to privacy.. Still public indecency. Dont do it, already common sense.

  11. jpalm32 says


  12. Lily Fischer says

    When Brett says he's feeling 22(talking about Justin)under his breath. I love Brett

  13. Jane Doe says

    OK there is a difference between hacking into someones phone and leaking the nude pictures and having sex out in the open and having someone film it but either way its not fucking cool to leak that shit on the internet

  14. ares says

    his dick is small what is Bret even talking about

  15. LadyShareBear says

    why not just close the cabana then…

  16. Rick Jackson says

    Ok. I looked up Orlando Bloom. He looks about average to me

  17. seifer gr says

    omfg…. what the hell is with this panel? i straight male,a straight female, an ugly lesbian and a black gay in a hat. PC enough to make u puke

  18. seifer gr says

    so…this is ok for ytube but defranco's clips arent? wtf youtube

  19. Dooky says

    Kim Kardashian: Sex tape leaks and GP calls her a slut, whore, pornstar etc
    Justin Bieber: sex tape leakes GP doesn't care or blame him.

  20. Nothing 05 says

    3:25 Really? REALLY?

  21. D. Richie says

    Who are these people? Jw

  22. Janik Bollh von horst says

    "I want privacy" goes outside with my dick out for harambe

  23. fernanda capaceta says

    Is bret's dick that small that he thinks Justin's is large and huge? I mean it's not small but come on it's just average!! And I know that Justin is human too and he does deserve his privacy but come on, they WILL take pictures of you wether you like it or not (is it the right thing to do? No, but they will) so just have sex behind closed doors if you really want that privacy, because you keep going outside with ur dick out!!

  24. Paxton Pill says

    Low key I would search for the JB sex tape if I had the time.

  25. Julianne Brandis says

    A "kid" shouldn't be having sex in the first place. Once a "kid" made a conscious decision (not forced, not lured nor drugged) to do/make/have sex, they should be considered and treated as an adult. Js

  26. Fusionz says

    "I saw his butt." Lmao

  27. Jada Kroon says

    i literally LOVE Brett

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