Ariana Grande’s Highest Belts EVER | REACTION | #MusicMonday


CLICK TO OPEN MORE Since you guys seem to love them so much, here’s another video reaction on Ariana Grande, my babe. This video was made by the lovely Moonlight…

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  1. Nyla Uddin says

    ughh how much can she slay I'm already broke from buying so many wigs holy-

  2. MoonlightPlayz 8121 says

    Her highest belt is b5 not Bb5 but great video

  3. Ariwmo says

    Crap my wig

  4. Mr Grande says

    I love your reactions
    btw. Your highlighter is brighter than today's sun in Poland. Luv ya

  5. Hal says

    I can’t even get out of third octave hahahahhahah

  6. Christian Cruz says


  7. Ariwmo says

    Can u do a giveaway

  8. Rewa Qwaider says

    Please react more to ariana

  9. Gianlurino says

    1:57 But Ariana's highest belted note is an B5.

  10. Abnorm Kalrin says

    When u said B5 it was actually a B flat 5. ( when the person typed it, they made the second b uppercase so it just look like two B’s. ). The accidental for flat is a small b next to any note . Bb5= B flat 5

  11. AT38 says

    Ariana her highest belt is A B5 in born this way

  12. Victoria Justice Sings says

    I just subscribed the crap out of you, omg i love you lol

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