14 GIRLS Justin Bieber Has Reportedly Slept With!


Girls Justin Bieber has dated! The famous pop singer has dated many beautiful girls from Kendall Jenner to Selena Gomez Find out about the Biebs love life and relationships with celebrity…

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  1. Trung Tran says

    kệ mẹ nó

  2. Khai Journey says


  3. Dewa Ahmad says


  4. Ruby Diamond says

    1:54 WTF SHE HAD SEX WITH THIS NIGGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

  5. Abdur Rahman says

    hate u jb

  6. Md Remon says

    You want to say: 14 girl bang by justin.

  7. Md Remon says

    You want to say: 14 girl was​ bang by justin.

  8. Rahema Ali says

    jay kay then why did you wach!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fashon07 MSP says

    Chan tell makes me barf

  10. iPhone Hacks says


  11. B and A says

    Number three really fucking looks like Selena Gomez

  12. gopal Krishnan says


  13. YITAO CHEN says

    Taste better as number smaller

  14. devil dragon says

    Zayn malik is good than justin bieber


  15. Apoorv Panwar says

    her name is selena not jelena

  16. Aba Swaleh says

    Such a cheap one

  17. Suha Simin Reza says

    Love you Justin

  18. Minire Hoti says

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

  19. TheOneWhoKnocks Fang says

    Cool guy..

  20. Alex Matias says

    I love his music but he is a Man whore!!! if it was selena she would be slut shamed and she still gets slut shamed even when she dates or is seen with a guy even at Comedy Central roast our world is stupid

  21. Nahar Nahar says

    not bad

  22. Nahar Nahar says

    iam not justin beiber's fan
    got it

  23. 10 ON 10 says


  24. Stephania says

    Uh, i have no chance

  25. Arsyad Rahman says

    Justin bieber have many gurlfriend

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