Katy Perry Hilariously ROASTED Kim Kardashian’s TBT Photo


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews This photo made me feel so much better about my eyebrows! If you’re like me and have been following the Kardashians for over 10…

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  1. kathleen rostran says

    I can’t stand Katy Perry

  2. Wendy Melendez says

    Why would someone else’s eyebrows being bad make me feel better about my own??? Wtf

  3. Clay Brice says

    I'm sure Katy had it all in good fun.

  4. Eliza Von Zeux says

    Come on. It was not shady at all mate. Katy and the kardashians are close. She was just making a joke. Clevver needs to stop overdramatising situations like this.

  5. the Z star says


  6. Menawo Rigg says

    Since when

  7. Siddhi N says

    This is called making of one thing into four.

  8. Sophia Galaxa says

    Lmao, I mean Katy was famous for her dark horse shit that were basically for 2 year old kids, then even losing to Taylor swift, at views , and now to mention her suck a failure of a music video which was suppose to be funny, but was only funny to newborns, yea forgot she had a career.

  9. V E says

    Idk but i just love and hate the kardashians,ik im weird lmao

  10. Sarah Arial says

    Mama Kardashian looked SO much better in the 90s & HOPEFULLY Kim has learned to quit wanting so badly to be white and fuckin embrace who she is already…Hah.


  11. Da Queen says

    So many butthurt Paty Kerry fans in this comment section! Y’all, I’m sorry the world doesn’t give a fuck about that old act anymore! I get it, I liked her too when I was 11, but still… Y’all have to grow up.

  12. Kimsea Chea says

    where is the shade? Wow .. this channel is going down hill like my GTA V off road.

  13. Prakash yadavanshi says

    Katy stole the show

  14. Edz Hernaez says

    taylor swift is laughing ryt now nyahhaha

  15. X-RYA says

    "Kar-jenner"? Why?

  16. Eva Busekros says

    Love katy♡♡♡

  17. Vanshika Tripathi says

    That's one sure way to get back into Taylor's good graces: shading Kim.

  18. Peaches and Cream says

    Lol it's not even a diss.

  19. Ashley V says

    But they ain’t gonna talk about Logics diss at Katy and Harry in 44 more

  20. Maria says

    Apparently clevver news doesn't know what roasted means

  21. Oh honey says

    Katy pouerry savage af

  22. RainbowLove0011 says

    Paris Hilton made sweat pants outside the house a trend not Kim

  23. Old School - ish says

    Katy is the best…. Fuck Kim K and her family!

  24. So Fierce says

    Cringe with the low key…

  25. Natalia W says

    This is so extra ….. I don't even know why I watched this lol

  26. lailah lyn says

    Don't u hate your job? Why would I want to talk about someone's eyebrows.. just pathetic smh

  27. Chason Wright says

    Ok, so mean girl moment. Look at the whole FUCKING picture and you kind of have a #TB on SUNDAY you know HER day to give away a piece of her past. Go FUCKING WRITE YOUR OWN STORY CORRECTLY THAT WAS NOT IT. Don’t Katy I got you girl. Call that person by their name next time or I’m dropping my YT +1 also Hey Kathryn!! Your amazing and beautiful and thank you for letting the past. Burn.

  28. waleed A says

    Oh it just katy trying to unite forces with kim against Taylor

  29. KenzBrightAtVEV O says

    So stupid, Katy and Kim are friends.

  30. Ari's Our Moonlight says

    It isn't a roast,it's a joka

  31. Astrid S says

    Katy and Kim are good friends lmfao

  32. Yuna유나 says

    It wasn't a roast… anyways… hope you upload more info about Katy Perry~

  33. December says

    Frickin hate Hollywood life worst news ever. Always making big deal out nothing. Time spent watchin your videos is wasted time. Hate you guys !!!

  34. Katycat says

    They're literally friends, it wasn't even shade, it was just a FRIENDLY JOKE, stop trying to turn everything into drama.

  35. huajie666 liu says

    Whatever you call it, roasted or not. But hey, she said that in the best good way.

  36. yashwi jain says


  37. Taylor Swift says

    How is that A Roast?

  38. Taylor Swift says

    Roses are Red
    Vilots Are Blue
    I just wasted my time Watching this And so did you

  39. Kinney Kolah says

    See I clicked bc my dumbass thought Katy roasting Kim consisted of:

    you gotta fake ass, you from the 90s and you now are like two different people, everything is fake bitch. And that goes for everyone in your family.

    And then something about a sex tape and robbery, and Joanne the scammer

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