Miley Cyrus’ Boobs Made Paul McCartney Uncomfortable


Miley talks about her very revealing outfit and recalls making music legend Paul McCartney uncomfortable. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch the latest…

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  1. m mjpd says

    Probably cuz her boobs are small

  2. Korruption's World says

    Miley cyrus is legally right on that one, the anus and the nipple is the jump to indecent exposure (least in texas it is).

  3. Benji Tatts says

    smoking is ruining her voice….it is as low as a man's nearly

  4. Gavin Suwara says

    3:27 tits are nipples. Boobs have nipples, boobs have tits

  5. Caddyboy55 says

    she becomes too less attention in her childhood? thats very very sad for her that she shows her in a tv show likes this and very very dangerous for the younger generations.. but its america so, its garbage any way…

  6. Zach D says

    Keep stealing Elton Johns wardrobe and sounding like a man who’s been given Hilary Clinton’s voice. I genuinely hate her.

  7. D Gamble says

    Those dont qualify a boobs

  8. Va Ho says

    I use to had a crush on her. GONE crashing down.

  9. cornnell01 says

    She almost seems Hispanic, I like her!

  10. Neon Peon says

    I would love to meet her.

  11. Yule Mayevsky says

    She is cool as

  12. Arman Khan says

    I’m a simple man, I click for those, I mean for two reasons.
    High five

  13. Navdeep Jha says

    Obviously, she went crazy

  14. Arwa Naji says


  15. Jacob bon says

    My god she hot af bro what happen she get a 2nd wind

  16. Jacob bon says

    The nipple is the best part

  17. SpaceBook says

    What a dragon.

  18. Jones John says

    Didn’t give jimmy a chance to speak most of the time xD

  19. formhubfar says


  20. ernesto johnson says

    This b** in a good person she's an Illuminati puppet devil worshiper that wants to hypersexualize your children

  21. Rishi Hapawat says

    I love america (u.s.a.)

  22. dubsmash PSycho Unnikuttan says

    Huge personality tiny tits

  23. dans h says

    Straight shooter and very confident at the same time.

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