Boys Kylie Jenner Dated!


Men Kylie Jenner dated! Kylie Jenner Hookups and Love Affairs! Kylie Jenner Relationships! Kylie Jenner Dating Timeline! Kylie Jenner 2016! Kylie Jenner New Boyfriend! Kylie Jenner Dating…

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  1. J George says

    Shouldn't the title of this be "Men & Boys Kylie Jenner Dated???"

  2. Jelisa Miller says

    Right she a hoe just like her sisters and mom they don't know how to keep they hands off of black men & her ass looked terrible in that picture with chyna chynn the red bikini she have a long flat horse ass

  3. Jelisa Miller says

    chyna bd

  4. Brenda Chester says

    ok j. george

  5. Knife Nut says

    She became a whore at a young age. What's worse is once she stuck a nigger dick in her pussy it contaminated her for life. Any guy who touches her after that is fucking gross and must be desperate. Her pussy probably itches 24/7

  6. Lady Love says

    wow so many guys at such a young age

  7. Angie Duran says

    Fuck this lil bitch

  8. Blubby258 says

    Do you guys believe half of this shit? And why are you so rude? Maybe I'm just not used to this side of the internet, but you guys really need to calm down.

  9. ihatemuslims says

    bitch really likes black guys

  10. Kartouss l كارتوس says

    She Really Like Black Guys Hahaha

  11. Sunny City says

    What about travis scott ?

  12. ميمي مش says

    She love the ritch people and famous

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