Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris’ Sexy Island Anniversary Vacation


Clevver Now! ▻▻http://www.clevver.com/go90 More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris celebrate their one year anniversary trying to break the…

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  1. msp gamer rosa says

    omg did tay get married

  2. Almaida Resita Putri says

    i ship them

  3. Bella says

    She looks like a dorky Midwest soccer mom and he seems like a huge douche…he definitely cheats

  4. Lorette Kessler says

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  5. troll says

    calvin haris whom i just listen to his awful wannabe a dj, sux by the way, he should stick to pop instead… and as for taylor, never liked her from the start anyway… actually i never liked most of her generation. want me to list everyone? taylor, selena famewhore, Justin bieber, miley and whats her nanme? wait searching google—- ariana grande…. one direction… where do they get this junk nowadays. lol.

  6. Hannah Nagel says

    Omg TAYVIN!!

  7. Jessica Lee says

    Jelena forevaaa

  8. Marcos Salustiano says

    how i wish be a famous guy to date a girl like she.

  9. dottiEpre says

    I hope they can stay together for a long time like Bradd and Angelina…they seem like they have something real.

  10. Melanie Johnson says

    Tayvin for life(or Taydam)

  11. Grace Peterman says

    taylor swift and calvin haris

  12. The Black says


  13. Emma Tree says

    Haha they broke uo

  14. Jocelyn does wierd things says

    u watching

  15. Rebecca says

    Taylor and Adam but if they broke up I am not going to be annoying an say they should get back together if they broke up

  16. Willie Wood says

    Tay has the same body as Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Her allure stems from her unavailability and autotune.

  17. Michael Service says

    Both 6 ers

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