Kim Kardashian Naked on Paper Magazine Cover and Kanye’s Reaction is Priceless


You can count Glee’s Naya Rivera as among those unimpressed with Kim Kardashian’s already-infamous #BreakTheInternet butt photo on the cover of Paper Magazine. Rivera took to Instagram…

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  1. manmachine30 says

    Ese bota caca esta grande…

  2. Willie Small says

    This is a hygiene hazard ,but the brothers love them big funky ass

  3. Ghfar Alabdolah says

    Kim bad morals unfortunately made me hate you

  4. Akbar Poryagoob says


  5. Seth Fyou says

    lol what do we need nearly nude photos of her for? she already made a porno

  6. Jolly Jokress says

    this doesnt work for me

  7. Bagdadsky_Hornik says

    s tímhle výrazy typu "je mi to u prdele" chytají jinou dimenzi.

  8. nouf alkhodari says

    ugly slut

  9. JasonTHEkiller says

    who the fuck is kim kardeshin?

  10. mkleren hyrino says

    All I see is Kim haters

  11. Jenor Smallwood says


  12. Sacred Sun says

    So many are hating on her and the decision to go nude. Though the reality check being most that speak out against it are fat, ugly, lonely, or all of the above. Let me put it this way I can tolerate her going nude, but if any of the haters went nude .. vomit in my mouth would be the mild side effect followed by a intense desire to claw myself away from the horror, or to leap from a window. She may not be the hottest woman around, but I'm betting shes hotter than most of the haters. So I'd take her over vomiting in my mouth from the whale rolls of fat, ugly that's soaked inside and out that makes me want to go blind.

  13. Мони x says

    Naya slays xD <3

  14. 360 noscopeyoass says

    She's a hobbit
    Ya I said it Kenya west is a gay fish

  15. احمد عظیمی says


  16. rio gr says

    تابعونا على الانستغرام لآخر صيحات الموضة وتساريح شعر والمايكاب البسيط @beauty_addicts_girls

  17. Wan Helmi says

    I use this for marstubate

  18. Lizeth GonzaleZ says

    She did indeed break the internet.

  19. Cindy Kingsley says

    who dose that it is so sick but Kim Kardarshian is still pretty

  20. grossleg123 says

    It's a shit dispenser that's all

  21. Daad Nagi says

    you ugly hate ya

  22. Mahira says

    Why is Kim K famous? Like i probably sound stupid BUT WHY IS she famous, she doesnt sing or have a famous talent, unless u call big butts talent then.. Ayt..

  23. Kyle Campbell says

    When someone asks me who is Kim Kardashian, I say:

    "Some big ass chick that is married to Kanye West"

  24. Kyle Campbell says

    When someone asks you why Kanye West married Kim Kardashian, you show this 0:25

  25. Caty O'Neill says

    I think they spell't there last name wrong I think its supposed to be Kartrashyians

  26. Akram Ali says

    Her ass is hot

  27. Sajjad Bhatti says

    sajjad 0554029799

  28. Steven Topper says

    What ever happened to Vanessa Hudge?.

  29. صفوان الحسو says

    كس امك

  30. Random Queen says

    That photo is such a photoshop

  31. عزوز Kjw says


  32. Noah Hughes says

    her ass looks like a krispy kreme

  33. Controversial Mann says

    Ass looks vintage fuck what y'all say my type classisly sexy beautiful

  34. Controversial Mann says

    Ass looks vintage fuck what y'all say my type classisly sexy beautiful

  35. Controversial Mann says

    She ain't a hoe never was she rich she stayed in long relationships only 5 befo ye yeah she slept wit that bodyguard once WHEN SHE WAS Single but he's Australian single and is sexy if u were him you'd too and honestly she made most of those guys famous Kris humprhies made Reggie bush mo famous cuz nowadays Reggie ain't as big and she dated miles Austin for two months cuz it jus didn't work Kanye perfect for her and glad she got two kids that shits on all yalls hate shit so what if she a mom it's KIM K she deserves it everyone says she looked ugly when she was pregnant and shit and she came back with this lookin better than she did befo motherhood glad she a milf

  36. UltimateAnimal says

    I've come to say here, KIM'S ASS ISN'T REAL.

  37. Rizeli FK13 says


  38. Samuel R says

    Women want to be respected then do things like this smh what's this world coming to

  39. Potato Assassin says

    Why the fuck would i give a shit tho?

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