Everything wrong with Kylie Jenner/ Kylie Cosmetics


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  1. Emma says

    hey lol i havent posted since december cuz im trash but im gonna start uploading again 🙂 comment a video you would want to see.

  2. Hentai-ink says

    She’s spoiled, a bitch, doesn’t know how to do anything because she doesn’t have to do anything. She has billons of dollars.

  3. Nejem says

    How are people supporting her?

  4. CupcakeB Bianca says

    Kylie: 4:50

  5. CupcakeB Bianca says

    Dont do the beauty guru please its all that people do now

  6. Jackie Ruiz says

    People can't buy the same clothes

  7. Kay D says

    Do txsten or what ever

  8. Poppy Louise says

    “Everyone says you have the most amazing LUPS”

  9. Snood says

    The whole not saying hi to fans thing is kinda mixed, she’s young and she could’ve been in a bad mood and when ppl get all up in your face it’s kinda rude even if it’s a fan. But she should at least like look and wave or something it’s not that hard.

  10. Vera says

    I can’t believe this girl is a mom oh my god. She has no sense of reality

  11. leezee86 says

    spoiled brat

  12. Blame it on Caitlin says

    What beauty's snap storys are those? Just asking.

  13. Diamond Pepe says

    To be honest the only ones I don't like chloe and Kendal

  14. aryan ata says


  15. Zee Muhammad says

    I would have reacted the same way as Kylie to the Kim moving in thing. She literally invited herself, her husband, and her children to live at Kylies house without her permission

  16. Clara Lightames says

    She’s a stupid fucking cow!!!

  17. Star Fire says

    Can you do everything wrong with Tumblr?

  18. Abby Kokichi says

    girl with the blue shirt..GET OVER YOURSELF!! so she didnt acknowledge u…boo fuckin who…psycho stalker vibe…FOR REAL!

  19. x dead rozes x says

    if u actually hate/dislike kylie jenner, i love u

  20. мιѕѕ elaιne says

    Another thing is she kinda copied Riri. So Riri came out with a lot of fucking shades for foundation. She wants everyone to feel beautiful but then Kylie always says she makes her makeup great for her. After everyone kept going on about Rihanna’s foundation she then made a lot of shades of concealer after people kept comparing her to Rihanna. Kinda hypocritical in my opinion.

  21. Somnolent verve says

    I don't want to sound mean (cue possibly mean comment), but plastic surgery fucked her up. She's only 20 years old but yet she looks like she's past 30.

  22. Chloe official says

    people have been selling fake cosmetics with her brand on it and that has been proving so many times so aint nothing wrong with her cosmetics

  23. Chloe official says

    kylie isnt normally rude as that

  24. Carolina Alonso says

    "I'm an outcast" bitch where -.- she gets whatever the hell she wants, whenever the hell she want

  25. nnoorrie says

    i hope you get alife!!!!! you're just a haterrrrr

  26. ruby arias says

    I agree on the clothes one for acting like that because fuck that’s clothes sisters keep your shit low key

  27. Jim Beekman says

    Wasn't Kylie's mom in the Olympics??
    or was that gramma Jenner??
    It's just to confusing….. LOL

  28. deive cutegirl says

    hey you need to chill but your so pretty (; love you lips,eyes,hair and your earrings (; ilysm xD 😀

  29. Mania Tzanetakou says

    Maybe do Amanda Ensing next? Not a lot of videos are about her!

  30. fvcklife says

    I like how the show censors "fucking" but not "bitch" 1:56

  31. Cat Gomez says

    look i am really empathetic and i dont really like to judge people but kylie is giving me a hard time…i just cant seem to feel bad for her

  32. sugary tara says

    Kylie is an outcast

    A rich ass one

  33. BeautyLifeProject says

    Please do an everything wrong with Lauren Curtis video!!!

  34. simona says

    Had enough. I'm not hating but why do you keep hating on people like would u feel be happy if someone did that to u

  35. charlotte x says


  36. Abby Beatson says

    Kim is suddenly looking extremely competent and reasonable.

  37. K.I.MBERLY says

    She's doing what she can okay, if you have nothing good to say about someone especially something they've worked hard on then don't say anything at all. Everyone makes mistakes and isn't perfect we all know that.

  38. Maria XD says

    Honestly , its so stupid how you said kylie jenner isn't original , when you literally copied more than halve of the clips that were edited from other youtube videos.

  39. xcxzozo says

    My friend got a Kylie lip kit once the thing was full but it dried out her lips a ton and gave her a RASH and she doesn’t have sensitive skin and lips products don’t usually irritate her skin…..

  40. The Arelstersss says

    All these celebrities would be nothing if it wasn’t for their fans, their fans made their pockets fat so if I were them I would be hella thankful smfh

  41. Nef Kwn says

    I agree with everything you stated,except the blackface part.I mean come on,it's the lighting and the filters,get over yourself,she didn't take the photograph to mock anyone

  42. Okay says

    Ok so now it’s “rude” too get inspiration from other people’s clothes ..

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