Sex Change – Justin Bieber


dear Beliebers,Beautiful cross dressing is honor in Japan.Please don’t trying to intimidate me. Justin Bieber In The UK By Marion McMullen on Jul 2, 12 07:45…

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  1. Storm says

    1:47 when your friend eats all your cupcakes

  2. fuck u pato says

    lol the music yayyaay

  3. I am Bleachman says

    Dude, I could of done this on a flip phone.

  4. Head & Shoulders says

    he looks like danielle bregoli

  5. Sophie D says

    Ugh I hate clickbate. I was expecting to see what she would look like as a boy.

  6. Human Being says

    After editing he looks like Indian actress Jacqueline Fernandes

  7. Moshin Gaddi says

    just go n see yur face ….before changing JB s gender…..

  8. BoxingBird says

    is it weird that i wanna fuck him

    oh hey just saw the vid, nice.

  9. Sanjana Rathor says

    No this is no truth

  10. Mohammad Khan says

    Justin don’t need editing.
    He already looks like she

  11. E D C Dc says

    no mamen entre Ludwika Paleta y Alyssa Milano, esta lesbiacion aberrante no tiene comparacion

  12. Sarah Jones says

    Reminds me of Kristen Stewart

  13. Lachlan Johnston says

    With the eyebrows he just looks like every butch lesbian in Sydney ahhahaha

  14. Kaylee Wray says

    Surprisingly looks better as a girl

  15. Krishan Pal says

    So cute Justin biber

  16. Goddess Sky says

    I would tap that! …if I had a dick….

  17. Rose Jennifer says

    Haha was once his justice and God changed everything

  18. Francia Benosa says

    Only the hair are different

  19. A.R.M.Y Love BTS says

    i didn't see difference

  20. 。 。 says


  21. Melvin Koyuncu says

    He was alredy a girl.

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