Rihanna, Selena Gomez – To Get 2 You (feat. Selena Gomez)


Thanks to Adrian Mashups for the amazing work : https://youtu.be/Eb77q2hYgtQ Get Rihanna’s eighth studio album ANTI now: Download on TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/downloadANTI Download on iTunes:…

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  1. CoCo LoCa says

    I thought this was a calab but I still love it tho. HAPPY BIRTH DAY RIHANNA MY QUEEN

  2. Osnar Solorzano says

    I like me… <3

  3. Canuko Moreno says

    Rhianna my diva

  4. Daniel Hartmann says

    How I want to get to you…….as long as not found …. as long as not understood …. slept so long … become so old … so tired …. and yet awakens … my dearest happy birthday❤❤

  5. fahira l. basalamah says


  6. karen coa says

    hoho bien ritmo. Saludos desde COLOMBIA

  7. Moss Hunter says

    I've been no where

  8. Jerome Zeigler says

    I Love Rihamma <3 <3 <3

  9. Natacha Persaud says

    Rihanna! Where have you been all my life!❤❤❤❤❤dope

  10. Marie Marie says

    Hbd sweetie

  11. Diaz Long says


  12. Debora Delafoi says

    I love Selena and rihana

  13. حمودي_ 992 says

    والله ودي انيكيك يا ريهانه

  14. Migale Fisher says

    Gave me chills

  15. NativeRebbixx says

    I wish it were true !! i didnt know i need this colab !! HAPPY BIRHTDAY RIHANNA !!! #NAVYORDIE

  16. Kween jade says

    I love this so much.this is amazing! U just made two songs into an amazing video and audio track. Perfection

  17. More says

    I'm 22 yea…

  18. Angela Schuetta says

    check out Miss Krystle's new release

  19. silvana rigoni says

    Me enxanto

  20. bee sting says

    Hell yeah!

  21. Alina Ali says

    I love Selena and Rihana

  22. Zoran Taylor says

    oh im master dumb now huh. lol!! lmao!! frfr this gave me a good laugh frfr. I guess missthang and what else. do you have my autobiography or something. lol!! they'll never compare to beyonces wealth bc #1 she can't keep her mouth shut. #therihannateam so messy and no life to be following me compare to you. you go loose your wealth arguing with me if you keep on. I don't fukk with you. I thought you knew.

  23. Vanessa Miscio says

    Amazing mix, amazing video cuts, a pleasure to watch!!

  24. China Bug says

    They both should do a song together it would be gold.

  25. 가을나그네 says


  26. Esra Kaya says

    ı'm selena anti

  27. Donya fp says

    wooow Its so cool ….

  28. Celma Eugenio says


  29. Arun M says

    I like the mash up

  30. SOCHISTAR lover says

    По ТАКОЙ РИАНЕ я СОСКУЧИЛАСЬ!,с первых звуков цепануло и держало.
    Селена умничка,нежная,душевная,но Риана старый профи!,своим вокалом насытила множеством красок эту вещь

  31. Union TV says

    BLACK MAFIA FAMILY : Il y a une chose qui fédère encore plus que le foot ⚽️
    Qu’y a-t-il de plus fédérateur que le sexe ?
    Qu’est ce qui nous fédère ?
    Qu’est-ce qui unit les gens ?
    Réponse : #nogame ( NO GAME ) L’ Union De La Famille ! On abandonne pas la Famille.


  32. Demi Green says

    Wow That mashup was really good!

  33. selen Tek says

    Ayy selena gomezz

  34. moïse cardon says

    I want to marry with you rihanna is yes

  35. Lavender Otieno says

    Very amazing mashup! Great job!

  36. valentino perreira says

    je kif le remix love<3<3

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