Kylie Jenner vs. Beyonce: Most Shocking Celeb Pregnancy of 2017


More Celebrity News ▻▻ If you didn’t know, we are talking about Beyoncé and Kylie Jenner . We are putting these two pregnancy announcements head to head…

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  1. Calm Down says

    Ok first of all, HOW DARE YOU COMPARE KYLIE TO A LEGEND, A QUEEN?! Second of all, Kylie's pregnancy wasn't even confirmed, while beyonce's was.

  2. SimplyLecia 15 says

    Clever is so annoying posting 3 videos a day about the Kylie pregnancy anytime there’s an “update”

  3. Francisco Deniz says


  4. Traveler kid says

    Dont compare beyonce and kylie
    Its just like comparing chanel and wallmart

  5. Queen Yara says

    We're comparing KYLIE JENNER to QUEEN B. Like common!
    Kylie hasn't even confirmed yet

  6. Rihanna fan94 says

    bum ass losers if you can about these hoes

  7. Brenda Fairy says

    Kyle s pregnancy might be surprising alright but honey! No comparison to Beyonce's . Bey shook the Internet and beyond. We r almost frowning at kyles pregnancy cos we don't understand why or if she even is…

  8. Jerusha Jose says

    When I read the title of the video, I was like SHIT, SHE ACTUALLY ANNOUNCED IT AND I MISSED IT?!??!?

  9. Clay Brice says

    There was one announcement popping after another, but at least Beyoncé confirmed hers, while Kylie is just leading us on in one big mystery.

  10. Sunflower Marshmellow says

    ? Kylie hasn't even announced ANYTHING . What's this ? Beyonce sweety I'm so sorry , I'm so sorry an ugly bitch would say this .

  11. Mariah Spencer says

    Beyonće it was the hype of the WHOLE YEAR Kylie was at the end

  12. may edwards says

    Fake news

  13. Fuzzy Wuzzy says

    Beyoncé worked hard all her life only to be in the same video as Kylie Jenner about pregnancy comparisons.Wow. What has this world come to? Lol

  14. Joao.000000000 Lima says

    Linda eu te Amo beijo

  15. Cristina PF says

    wtf kylie hasn’t even confirmed yet and alsooo it would be so weird cause she hasn’t been dating the guy for a long time

  16. Emma Mkoba says


  17. Devonte Brown says

    That Kylie bitch ain’t even pregnant

  18. Kharissa Sy says

    Beyonce of course… sorry but i didn't get the idea what to be shocked about kylie being pregnant.

  19. Thomas says

    Queen B

  20. MannoTheCatto says

    What if kylie had a miscarriage?

  21. Cgyer 4534 says


  22. Brayden Fitzsimmons says

    "We're putting these two pregnancy announcements head to head"

    Jenner hasn't said says pregnant. Poor journalism

  23. Monica Stinson says

    Queen B all the way honey!!! Don't you ever, ever compare her to Kylie Jenner's. Beyonce is actually at a reasonable age to have a baby, and plus she is so amazing. I have such high respect for her and nobody can change that ever.


    beyonce bleached her skin like other celebrities, she is multi-talented and reaches more than 1 audience. She is kind of niggaz cheatin tbink they slick shit but she is human too jay z cheated on her too her music is just not for everyone im sick of her dancing in heels and leotards and bleach blond hair but until another female artist comes out who is more beautiful and a completely different style i consider her a human like everyone eele and will indeed fade like everyone else if you check it lemonade visual album was a flop drake beat lemonade with his album the vvuew so she will flop and eventually fade lemonade movie album and even having twins was all to keep the spotlight but the kardashians who are not musicians are gittin with her when comes to the spot light everytime jay z and beyonce come in the spot light in any way kim kardashian or one of them kardashian come out of no where stealing their spot light so yes i am sick of beyonce too but until another female artist or even male artist come out more beautiful than beyonce and totally new and diveryone game to wow everyone………………..

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