Ariana Grande – Focus


Focus (Official Video) Download Now! Share/Stream Ariana on Spotify: Connect with Ariana: https://t…

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  1. Aldi firman syah says

    Still watch and waiting for 1B views

  2. nancy yaurimo canchari says


  3. Lanzini Adrian says

    I love iou

  4. park mina says


  5. Madalyn Gonzalez says

    the beat drops at 0:11

  6. gabriel alex says


  7. Fanmade MUSIC videos says

    What has she turned into….?

  8. Elias Bermejo says

    She is pretty

  9. Gisele Soares says

    I love

  10. Mae Bell says

    I love you, your soo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Princesa Lamar says


  12. Zoe Ellsworth says

    I love your music don't stop making songs you get voice gets better and better when you sing every day ok

  13. GaRniCa xD says

    2018 ? :'v

  14. John Gibb says

    ariana is a hot ass woman is all i can say on that one. got to get me one similar lol

  15. Ariana Abreu says

    me gusta

  16. BaaniPreet Kaur says

    awe my princess is so cute

  17. MrAngboogie says


  18. Victorvey Kid says

    She still looks out of place maybe it’s because she looks too young. This music video gives me a weird feeling (; •_•)..

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