Selena Gomez Reveals What She Wants in a Boyfriend!


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Sundance Romance and Performance ▻▻ Yes, Selena Gomez talks boys… break-ups and and future boyfriends with…

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  1. Skeetinrainbows says


  2. aigooasian says

    Let's give Selena a rest of all the trouble of everything mostly pop
    They are annoying

  3. LeoGoulart24 says

    Selena Gomez Perfection

  4. Lynsie Hogle says

    I think harry styles and selena would make a cute couple but…..taylor swift dated him and tay and selena r best friends so…I dont know how well that would go


    Rachel Mcadams? Selena has good taste…

  6. dayzee says

    Harry Styles or Dylan O'Brien!!

  7. Kaleigh Smith says

    i think she deserves some alone time. She needs time to get her career where she wants it to be and she needs be able to live a little while without a boy in her life. But she definitely deserves someone almost as amazing as her but lets face it no one can be better than her.

  8. LiveLaugh Youtube says

    Date harry you will be Mrs Selena Styles

  9. Victoria Karp says


  10. Nsnsmama Jan says

    have a rest on boys!!! i think its a good idea to leave justin because i dont  want u to get ur heart broken again!!!!!! 🙁

  11. Kick OfTragedy says

    dating Harry Styles

  12. Karen says

    I totally think she should date Gregg Sulkin. They look so cute together on Wizards and I've always thought that had great chemistry. Also the fact that he is British doesn't hurt.

  13. 3DoorsDown says

    She should go for josh they would be so cute 😉

  14. flavio carranza says

    Stay single boys make life complacaited trust me

  15. StayStrong1990 says

    I do miss Selena with Nick or Taylor Lautner but she got over them & found Bieber as her lover after those 2 guys she went out with. I wish Selena got back with either those 2. 

  16. azin kh says

    i think selena should date who ever is right for her because i like her and i like her to be happy. 

  17. Nadine Abdel Hamid says

    I think people should leave her alone and stop telling her who to date. It's her life, she's gonna love and date who she wants to, we shouldn't tell her who she should love. I love you Selena <3 You're amazing and should never feel bad about yourself <3

  18. elithesinger1 says


  19. Ash Morrison says

    I Think Selena Should Stay Single For A While And Just Focas On Her Music And Acting She Dosen't Need All That Drama Right Now

  20. lyric vids says

    Harry styles is so gay what is wrong with y'all

  21. Rosie JW says

    how could she ever feel like the underdog?

  22. Kat Jenkins says

    Selena and Harry styles is a match made in heaven

  23. Pedro Mejia says

    SIEMPRE TEAMARE selena Gómez en secreto mami

  24. Rosemary Kalino says

    Love you Selena

  25. Liv Sherlock says

    I think selena she go with someone like Dylan o'brien he adores her and would be really good for her ♡

  26. Accy Ortiguerra says

    She should be with my brother austin both of them wants the same thing in a girlfriend/boyfriend

  27. Isabella Maturana says

    Thats I lie I watched this interview and she doant talk about that

  28. Miguel pizano says

    she need a guy like me

  29. Selena Nuckched says

    ya…. u r right she must date harry styles

  30. Emily Bridged says


  31. Randy Palombo says

    Selena gomez I love your life style and if I did date you I will be faithful that one we would take to the next step I will support you no matter what have I always be there for you love Randy. PS I love pickles and popcorn too:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 and God bless you Sel. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. Kaylie D says

    Harry styles why would selena date him he is so ugly

  33. eatmesweets says

    Justin just put her in darkness and she know it. She better off finding someone love her

  34. Carmen Nichola says

    She needs some one better that is not stupid like Justin and not some one who's going to break her heart like Justin did.

  35. Carmen Nichola says

    Oops I meant not going to break her hart

  36. Tina Pham says

    I always love you !

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