Beyonce – Shining ft. Jay Z & Dj Khaled [Explicit]


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  1. Isabel Labossiere says

    How can I scroll and replay at the same time?The video should not move while I read!

  2. Ami Khan says

    Patricia Bright brought me here

  3. nopapa razzi says

    all of this winning… I've been losing my mind!

  4. Two2Toned Media says

    "1 aint enough, I need 2"

  5. Duce Roberson says

    I…i love this song Mr J & Mrs B is proof of nothing but greatness

  6. Lateshia Childs says

    I downloaded this album, the album was decent he repeat his name to much like Mike Jones. This song is one of my favorites from the album.

  7. Angela cordova says

    Love it

  8. Queen _Bre says

    Me:hold on ont tryna ont tryna slow me dw

    Bey: Shining Shining Shining yeah all dis Winning

  9. Bronze Goddess 404 says


  10. Erick L Williams says


  11. Erick L Williams says


  12. Erick L Williams says


  13. Sweet jesus says

    Beyonce is trash. Jay z used to be good but now he's trash.

  14. Ashley Brown says

    yess my favorite singer ever

  15. treya xox says

    Patricia's song ayyyy

  16. ciara Lambert says

    I love this song

  17. Tamon Davis says

    I like Beyonce she sweetheart

  18. Ben Walker says

    Anyone still listening exactly a year later?

  19. silmy ardilah says

    love it

  20. Mundo Da bebel says

    Ela arrasa bey

  21. Diane DiSalvo says

    out the blue i do some magic i like i be houdini my dismond wet they aquafina ilke they made in fiji

  22. TheSilatiger says

    funny how everytime someone new is famous beyonce is doing a duet with them ,last one was ed sheeran

  23. Sheena Constance says

    Yesssssss….the Best!!

  24. Dawn M says

    I'm not shinning yet but soooon

  25. Avon Hamlet says

    I love shining

  26. monique carr says

    love this song

  27. Roberta L says

    This is hip hop or rap ?

  28. Lex L says

    Her voice sounds similar to Rihanna in this song

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