Blake Griffin RESPONDS To Ex’s Claims He Ditched Her For Kendall Jenner


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Kendall Jenner has been spotted with NBA Star Blake Griffin, but there’s way more to the story than we previously thought. It’s…

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  1. Marcus Sykes says

    You gotta remember she quit her job for him! Its wrong to make plans with someone for the rest of they life with kids then back out of the engagement. Imagine that happen to you!

  2. chanel&tae says

    She's just petty her cause her man got together with a Model imao

  3. Rayne Ryan says

    Damn, these Kardashian women always need to snatch someone already in a relationship!

  4. Patricia Machaj says

    Not surprising that another kardashian has ruined a home. I mean… Khloe did that too; Tristan left his pregnant girlfriend for a kardashian lol this family is just a pack of home wreckers

  5. J.J PLAYZ says

    Either way he will pay for both kids.. who’s knows how much she will get every month but I’m guessing it will be a lot until both kids hit age 18. Look into how much Dwight Howard pays his baby mamas

  6. Miles Stoner says

    Legally, he's fucked

  7. ENDOZHA says

    She was his FIANCE NOT WIFE BISSSH GET OVER IT, he dont owe her nothing but child support! These broads be killing me playing house then you feel dumb when u get left for the next thats why u should get married before u start poppin out all them trap kids just for a check #Facts

  8. Sergio Alcantar says

    Hell no. She wants to be supported for the rest of her life. She's nothing but a gold digger.

  9. Lakisha Jones says

    Same story different Jenner/Kardashian. I believe Tristan also left someone so did Lamar. Those women only want those that are taken

  10. lati538 says

    she's pissed. Then she has the nerve to want a man to support her all her life. o.o. She doesnt want to do anything with her life. what is she doing having kids to be supported smh.

  11. Derica Tull says

    The last picture of Blake shown looks like he was doing the salt bae

  12. Camelot says

    Sad life when you have 3 kids out of wedlock. She obviously has no self-worth. Her parent's must be really unhappy with her life choices.

  13. RockstarxModel says

    kendall deserve better.

  14. Get IT J says

    Rightfully sued. She is telling the truth and hevis one sick, weak puppy. She should have lefted him as soon as the first year he didn't marry her and definitely after first child and he wouldnt commit. Women why are u being so easy? Plus u look good but still low esteem

  15. Zenocite says

    Ratio of men to women is around 1:3, women they want their piece of a man, so they dont care if they destroy another home by cheating with a married man as lng as they would have a man, even if it is your

  16. Nicholas Taylor says

    He ditched her for the sweet threesome with Kendal Jenner and her mom Caitlin and the threesome he desired

  17. Zainab Mukhtar says

    what happened with ASAP?

  18. Angel Croley says

    Get a job, girl!Blake owes the babies, not you.

  19. Dre says

    Lazy Bitch!

  20. Daniel says

    Stop knocking up these that's man!!!

  21. Laurie Lacerre says

    F#$% yeah ….take care of those babies that's all that matters period

  22. Maybe happy says

    Listen he don't need to pay no damn child support he can get his own damn kids and take care of them and do his have her ass can do her have I want some damn child support they need to cut that out the damn book they ain't nobody got them back door for y'all lazy motherfukers to get money that's why food stamps leave so y'all ass going to have to get up and get a job soon and he can take care of his own kids he don't need her her ass just money hungry class can get up off her ass and get a job just like he did she thinks she's going to sit on her ass all day and just collect money that ain't going to happen and look she going to all y'all got them women with men's who got plenty money he's going to take care of me for the rest of my b** go on somewhere and then I'm going to lies that you trying to put in and see if the judge going to fall for it and I hope you don't or she because it ain't number to be compulsive liar and to me she need to go to jail for it and teach these m********** a lesson about lying

  23. Maybe happy says

    I need to be a new law you see he he listen she didn't want to sign a prenup so that told Blake that she wasn't with him for love she wanted his money because if you is in a relationship for love you are sign that damn prenup that's just telling me is that you're not with them for love you went for their what they have so until you start signing prenups y'all ain't going to make it nowhere somebody dumb ass people fall for y'all dumbness but Blake then so he got a right mindset I'm not feeling marry you and you and then break up and you try to take all my s***

  24. Bruce Rivers says

    Fuck her and her needs. As long as Blake take care of their children that’s all that matters.

  25. kesean harrington says

    Provide for his kids sure. Take care of her for the rest of her life because she doesn't want to work. Hell no

  26. ACKRITE says

    Dead beat dad if this shit true

  27. Damon Dragonicus says

    She is not entitled to his money. Some of the comments state that she gets $20k child support from blake and $10k child support from her ex who was an NFL player. $30k monthly is more than enough lol. Its $360k a year some hardworking people who live comfortably don't even get that $30k a year.

  28. J says

    Child support yes , support her no . Get job like the rest of these ladies who are single mothers . I'm sure it wouldn't be so difficult for her get job.

  29. JDD999 says

    He's a scumbag for kicking her out with the children. She's entitled to support.

  30. Montrel Cage says

    If it ain't about the kids then yeah blake getting robbed he doesnt have to take care of her bm or not shes a grown woman she better get a job

  31. thexmark7 says

    They were together for 8 and a half years and she had a career ,but gave it up and had his kids…She deserves to be hooked up…

  32. Bright Miles Namanya says

    Take good care of em kids, let mummy find a job

  33. Melvin Sewell says

    Gold digger

  34. K-Town Canada says

    YES! She was an integral part of making him a success, in MANY ways – they were basically business partners. Also, HE TOLD HER TO QUIT HER LUCRATIVE JOB, thus ENDING HER CAREER. To think that he didn’t even talk to her about ending their relationship after 9 years (she found out on social media!), & that he WOULDN’T EVEN LET HER & THEIR 2 CHILDREN STAY IN THEIR FAMILY HOME, while he goes off with Kendall, CLEARLY ILLUSTRATES HIS INTEGRITY AND HIS TERRIBLE MORAL VALUES (if he even has any!).
    He needs to KEEP HIS WORD, in terms of telling her to quit her lucrative job, having a professional work Partner in her, & finally, telling her to quit her job to work with him & care for the kids full-time, and saying that because he asked her to quit her job, saying that he would ALWAYS PROVIDE for HER & their children.

  35. Charles Whitfield says

    Ken is a dude

  36. Jacob Spradling says

    Fuck that blonde bitch

  37. Profound Observer says

    so in women's terms he upgraded?

  38. Profound Observer says

    palimony? what the fuck?? women get away with the dumbest shit…

  39. el chapo says

    All y'all need to get with reality . She won wen she had not 1 but 2 kids with him so with that being known He about to pay her until them kids 18.

  40. Jade Welch says

    He should have to pay for his kids! He kicked her out the family home they shared and now his children and their mother are homeless!

  41. terry clifton says

    Hopefully his ex will get about $75,000.00 per month considering his earning power now and in the future.

  42. DISCO-INFERNO-70 says

    She tried to cash in her meal ticket before it was time, and now she wants to be taken care of for the rest of her life? LMFAO.
    Griffin seems like a real shitbag, and should definitely take care of his kids and pay child support. That being said, its insane to sue someone because they refused to marry you.
    She could have worked something out in the prenup, but her greed was exposed as she couldn't let go of the idea that she could have half of his money. He was smart to dump her before getting married.
    Lastly, i don't get the fascination people have with Kendall Jenner. She's pretty average, and would blend in seamlessly at any local mall if she wasn't famous. She's ok, but people act as if she is the hottest chick ever.

  43. Any Truth says

    Let's hope Blake sorts out his kids' lives in this mess. Else, it will affect his game.

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