Kendall Jenner opens up about anxiety: ‘Sometimes it’s out of your control’


In the wake of the model and reality TV star’s comments about anxiety, Dr. Stephanie Dowd discusses what parents should know and look out for in their children.

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  1. Ashley G. says

    I think Kendall is confusing being paranoid with anxiety. I watched more footage of her speaking about "anxiety" and it all just leads me to believe she has paranoia. I'm not a doctor though so idk.

  2. Wahlt G. says

    She should use her popularity to make a difference in regards to anxiety and mental health. Please be the nicest Kardashian.

  3. Sandeep kumar says

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  4. Sandeep kumar says

    your channal why don't see ISIS about because present president Trump's you matter Donot listen because you always fake news

  5. Sandeep kumar says

    your behind people seat you gives paid money lol abc CNN fox news genius no1 but America another channal lol is ,,,was ,,,,,,will,,,,

  6. Rick Brosky says

    I have anxiety when I see her face. such problems for a little bitch.

  7. Specs & Blazers says
  8. Marimar Silva says

    All that cocaine

  9. Sugarcane Backlane says

    100% lie

  10. Loud N Proud says

    Wahhhhh shut up Kendal!
    Most people have this!!!

  11. jonnyfendi2003 says

    Bitch just drink a Pepsi, problem solved airhead.

  12. girls fun says

    how i see it is she was able to walk tons of runways and snatched best endorsement deals and even scored vogue covers ll thanks to kanye when he was an A list superstar , but now the second his fame went downhill her career also did even her only big signed deal now with adidas is obviously thanks to him since he makes yeezy shoes for adidas , she was okay and pretending to be independent real and natural and mature for years but now she is suddenly having anxiety issues bunch of liars like always , as if ! her lips are "overlined too" yeah sure
    the hadids have their mommy connections since she was a model and daddy money invested in every project they obtain

  13. girls fun says

    the pepsi disaster destroyed her "career" and her parents are hated now , even kim and kanye are not that famous anymore and their show is flopping so she is trying to do like cara delevingne and use the mental health and industry pressure to cover up her decline and distract people from the fact she has not walked in fashion weeks for a year and when she did she would walk only awful unknown ones

  14. VRRV says

    The smiling woman in the pink was giving me anxiety

  15. guy zohar says

    i realllyyy relate to her… I've seen every moment on keeping up when she talked about it…but "she have a reason" to suffer from Anxiety …i suffer from social anxiety it's my life … it's a mental disorder. i wish i was rich as ken so.i could do all of the treatments in the world and i could cry in my mansion lol jk but she have all the sources to treat her anxiety..i wouldn't even be able to be seen if i was her let alone on tv talking about it and being surrounded by cameras 24/7 even though she rarely appears on the show these days…i don't think it's just because of her work it's also because of her mental issues off course

  16. Kinda Ellis says

    Every episode one of them are saying they have anxiety. It’s to a point where I don’t even think they know what it is, they are just saying they have it. If you are struggling with anxiety that bad, take your ass to the hospital, get treated for it. Get the fuck off the carpets and runways and take your ass to a treatment center. I am done with this show throwing the words “i have anxiety” around like it’s a cold or something. You got bad anxiety, take your ass to the hospital and get treatment, otherwise stfu. Talking about it, is not going to help you. Selena Gomez a person actually dealing with medical issues gets treatments and goes and gets help and then she comes and talks about it. Go get help and then talk, otherwise stfu.

  17. Juancarlos Corral says

    Anxiety suck

  18. Ed C says

    The Kardashian‘s I fucking awesome! Anxiety is not a problem unless you have a sleeping disorder. Then seek help because I can rip your life apart. If you get anxiety attacks heart beats faster you need to move around a little more. You don’t need to be religious but when you go to sleep ask your brain or something you believe in. To adjust your anxiety and they will help you. Do not beg and do not bug them. Yes it’s nuts but it works. Don’t justify it don’t justify yourself do not complain when you’re asking for the adjustment just ask for the adjustment with anxiety. Short brief go on with your life.

  19. Mikaela says

    Look I don't particularly like her. She's pretty irrelevant and unworthy of her fame and money but at the end of the day she's human. Anxiety is a very common illness that affects so many people and its nice to hear major celebs talking about their own struggles with it. It means that you can have all the money in the world and still have things going on in your life that deeply affect you regardless of wealth and privilege. It can make people feel less alone.

  20. Mia Lia Sia says

    Evil Eye!!!! Read Coran / lisen to Ruqya

  21. Agnese Sztojka says

    i think, if her name is not kardasian, she wouldnt be on the top as a model. everyone can have anxiety, even if you have money, even if you dont. ecept, with money you can get a better doctor.

  22. Does her lips look different here ?

  23. Summer Xo says

    Shut up Kendall Jenner people would die to have your looks, body and money

  24. Layla S says

    Idk, She's a supermodel, Everyone thinks she's the most beautiful girl. She has millions of dollars and will never have to worry about needing anything for the rest of her life, anything she could want at her fingertips.
    White privilege, I feel like others have to go through anxiety like constantly being called ugly or being ignored or not having enough money to survive.
    It's interesting to say the least

  25. lamingtongirl123 says

    Just take some Ativan like the rest of us bitch. Like you’re the highest paid “Supermodel” and you can’t even do fashion week…you are such a fraud! You would be nothing without your mom and Kanye!!!

  26. A TK says

    They just need God in their lives !

  27. Christen Williams says

    She’s in the Illuminati sadly but true

  28. Kasia Pyzik says

    That’s me too

  29. Payton Hueler says

    GMA must be struggling… doing a cover story on kendal jenners anxiety problems… major face palm

  30. Jorge Arellano says

    I wish Youtube allowed GIFS so I could post the Robert Downey Jr. famous GIF. PR BS.

  31. corey flood says

    Hopefully she gets the help she needs and learn how to cope with it guys money does not mean happiness in some cases, we all have a human body that reacts to sitatuons were all the same at the end of the day uplift one another not tear eachother down godbless you's all especially the haters xx

  32. Elena Giménez says

    It's like they are news about her boyfriend and the like he end up with her… (before he was getting marry…) and she needs good publicity, so here the news about she has anxiety. I think its a real issue and a lot of people suffer it so it's amazing who the news come up now about her.

  33. jjohnette Hawkins says

    Very much so paralyzing, that’s why we must talk about it to break the stigma!

  34. ASIAN SECRET says

    "religion is acceptable schizophrenia" – how i wish i can see and hear Jesus Christ lol! this video is in my home feed and i really want to offer some advise but after reading comments uhm never mind!

  35. あなたの素敵な加入者 says

    Hope she talks one day about her sexuality when she feels comfortable and gives zero fucks what people say.

    She’s my favorite

  36. Sam Smith says

    Her family probably is giving her anxiety. She has lived in a fish bowl ever since she was a tween.

  37. Sky Hope says

    Great songs for anxiety:
    Peace by Hillsong young and free.
    Prince of peace by hillsong United.

  38. Britney Jackson says

    this is important I get it… but I'm quite tired of Selena Gomez and Kendall promoting their personal life just because they don't have talent. I haven't seen a black model getting credit, attention and going to interviews. is so sad that the popular models of these day are millionaire girls like Gigi Bella and Kendall with rich parents that did everything for them. bullshit

  39. Mageh Lan says

    I can relate to that…

  40. Crystal Mellen says

    she is so lucky to be as privileged, its disgusting these people have a platform to give such a bad message to the world. Must be nice to be easily able to get very expensive professional help.

  41. live for truth says

    Turn to God fast drink only water don't eat anything for as long as the holy spirit tells you I've done it a few times trust me you're not going be hungry his holy spirit supernaturally takes it away you feel better than when you eat. spend time on your knees with him cry out to him ask him to forgive you of any wrong doing and forgive others. It's been also known that if you have unforgiveness in your heart this will cause anxiety attacks. Pray (privately) listen to sermons and worship music. Get rid of all negativity that's surrrounding you especially everything that's demonic music movies witchcraft this includes (gossiping). I'm sharing this from personal experience you'll overcome anxiety everytime it's the only way trust me I've tried the worldy way and it just doesn't work it makes it worse. I pray for God's peace and protection over all of you.. God bless you all:)

  42. Reckless potato says

    I dont feel bad for this girl. Lmao

  43. Alain Bruno says

    It's not easy to deal with anxiety. She's brave to talk about it

  44. Monica Castellano says

    She should just come out of the closet, and go on Hiatus for a little while. It's too much pressure to be part of that insane family, and having to pretend she's straight on top of it all.

  45. Y Tho says

    Only jesus can take away anxiety

  46. Catrina Tang says

    thank you kendall for speaking out <3

  47. Charlie Nonya says

    Anxiety is just the awareness of stress, which we literally ALL fucking have.  So over this buzzword of the decade.

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