Demi Lovato: “Oh My Gosh!! It’s Selena Gomez!!” #SWAC


Has “Demi” flat hair? Is she a good dancer? Is she a dull girl? 🙂 ↓↓ Read more in the description below ↓↓ 0:02 Sonny: Oh my gosh!! You’re Chad Dylan Cooper…Possibly the greatest…

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  1. Afiyah Fahmida says


  2. Afiyah Fahmida says


  3. Bader king says

    December 29 2017 and still watching this

  4. minimariam 13 says

    Which season?or series?

  5. Maryam Khalil says

    Ohh man demi was so hot

  6. J Tozies says

    Was she was on Drugs at this time?

  7. G -DRAGON says

    Flat hair

  8. sena wasgehtsiedasan says

    I miss Delena❤

  9. Dylan Dunn says

    I have a feeling she was on something here 🙁

  10. Xweetie Xoie says

    Miss those Disney Movies** I want them back specially Delena


    what is name of boy speaking in mike

  12. crazybookperson says

    Did anyone else notive that "Demi" is written on the blue background at 0:16?

  13. Xweetie Xoie says

    What was this programme name? I wanna watch it full??

  14. Ava Bava says

    I HATE canned laughter!!!!

  15. Kenneth Space says

    Demi so changed

  16. Bella Swan says

    What show is this

  17. k -mix master says

    I miss delena

  18. Lena Kue says

    Selena Gomez a diva

  19. TheStepmonkey says

    Miss this show and old disney :'(

  20. Kawaii Jelly says

    “ oh my gosh!!! It’s Demi lovato!”

  21. Dolhins smj says

    Selena will always look the same lol she doesnt age

  22. Kouri Blair says

    Hey from starstruck

  23. adoroble squad says

    omg lol I'm dead

  24. Tiara Manley says

    Demi: "If there's anything you want to know about me, just ask."
    Selena: "What do you think about me getting back together with the Biebs?"

  25. K.J.M.K. says

    one of the sadest moments of my childhood is the fact that this show didnt get a real ending…

  26. Tasnim Jahan says

    Demi is so funny and cute ❤

  27. Axel says

    Demi Lovato was such a funny actress her comedic timing is always on point
    Btw it’s 2018 and I’m still laughing over that hilarious dance 1:27

  28. Ashton Gary Oak says
  29. Lyncy Malaca says

    Its 2018 now but still laughing at Demi's face when she dance . Haha

  30. Sylvie Laluna says

    nostalgic…~ ☺️

  31. Liz Zurd says

    Wait.. punches a co star and then she later really punched her backup dancer?? I think chad is psychic

  32. Chyna Wright says

    What's this called??

  33. BRAINWASHED says

    Fine. Fine.
    Good. Good.


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