OMG! Is Kendall Jenner ENGAGED!??


Is Kendall Jenner already engaged to ASAP Rocky?? The diamond ring on her ring finger definitely hints at the answer being YES!!! Kendall stepped out in NYC on Monday night with a ring on her…

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  1. rishabh bamola says

    muss be a promise ring ,

  2. Anna says

    Nahhh she i just ritch…

  3. Rubber Ducky says

    People, ITS A DAM RING ON A FINGER! Yes, they might be engaged which is highly unlikely or the obvious reason SHES JUST WEARING A RING BECAUSE KENDALL IS WEARING A RING???!!!!

  4. Study Love Best says

    IF it's true…..its too soon

  5. Zipporah Tefari says

    if it's true im so jealous

  6. best man says

    Stay in the loop for bogus trashy stories. KEEP UP THE JUNK STORIES.

  7. Luke Pritchard says

    He is so much for her.

  8. Natalia Stornello says

    They're not engaged

  9. Alan Gomonov says

    She's just wear ring

  10. Preet G says

    She doesn't seem like the type to settle down so young. Plus who doesn't wear rings on their ring finger besides married people? I don't but I know people who do

  11. Johanna Vives says

    He is urgly omg girl what is round with u n this man u day…u r beautiful.!!!! U need something better in your life

  12. Bow Wow says

    Wtf this nigga look exactly like that other hoes bf Kylie

  13. MUSHROOMS says

    Why A$AP? My gosh..

  14. CMPTV says

    rob kardashian, is mad and angry at kylie and kendall finding Love in there lives, lmao!

  15. Kayla love says

    White Trash Hoe

  16. jemmie jo says

    WTF??? girl can't have ring on her finger without "OMG?? is she engaged!??" god…where this world goes

  17. cherrylfaith cabase says

    its just a ring. not an engagement i think

  18. Juan Rivera says

    Drama,it's her business.

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