OMG Taylor Swift – …Ready For It? Video | Babyteeth More!


OMG Taylor Swift – …Ready For It? Video! In this silly video, Jillian & Addie and Taylor Swift want to know: are you ready for it? Babyteeth More, our new vlogging channel where we discuss…

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  1. Aaliyah h says

    I wasn't ratty four it! LOL

  2. Love you videos I'm your biggest fan

  3. Ainy Nasir says

    Wait a wait a wait a second, Julian is old enough to wear make-up

  4. Ainy Nasir says

    Sorry I meant to write Jillian

  5. Best doll Party ever says

    HEY BABYTeeth4 are you ready for it? No I wasn’t ready for it…

  6. Byrd Tawn says


  7. Beth Pell says


  8. Carl Timmins says

    They both look like scrufs

  9. Daniel Taylor says

    Oh I get it he said are you ready for it as in pennywise

  10. Ştefania Beatris Andreescu says

    Hey babyteeth4 are you ready for it

  11. Ştefania Beatris Andreescu says

    Beat you wont be ready for it

  12. Justas Valauskas says

    man: hey dog ready for it?
    dog: for what?

  13. Kafayat Riaz says

    I love you guys

  14. Paul Gleason says

    Yes I was ready for it

  15. Funtime Foxy says

    That was boring all your vids are boring

  16. Elizabeth Woolliss says

    love you babyteeth4!

  17. Debbie Shaw says

    That fall was so fake

  18. Isabelle Schaffer says

    Jillian and addie are you ready for it because I subscribed to your channel and I have my notification on I your the best

  19. sami ghuneim says

    I was not ready for it either

  20. Aerica Mcewen says

    Are you ready for it I wasn't ready for it

  21. aczlaw says


  22. adamhooten24 says


  23. Luca07 says

    Was the panda daddy cool from just dance?

  24. Emily Sens says

    I  like tailor sift

  25. Rosey Blood says

    hi can some one biy me a enaletric scooter

  26. Rosey Blood says

    some one bey me aneletrik scooter plece

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