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  1. sweet ? says


  2. Mina Cederberg says

    Sofia is so fkn beautiful idk what y'all are talking abt man

  3. Rosli Abdul Rashid says

    i like justin with selena

  4. Χριστινα Πιτ says

    i love you justin but i hate sophia richie

  5. βασιλική δελλή says

    justin bieber that though do The standout selena gomez;)))

  6. edilson severino ferreira says

    O amor é cego, bjs

  7. elena lafe says

    They are so different, Justin is more beautiful

  8. shonu singh says

    selena is far..far better than Sofia.even there's no chemistry seen between jus n Sofia. I hate sofia

  9. Montakant Pinyat says

    อีโซเฟีย อี่ห่า อี่ผ้าอนามัย

  10. Lu ty says

    I just don't get how JUSTIN could have dated her

  11. Can you leave thanks says

    She is not Selena,bye

  12. Jaiminho Algusto says

    Sofia Richi vai pro inferno

  13. Lyrics Videos says

    she wants fame lol

  14. Kat says

    This hook up only lasted for like 3 weeks lol

  15. Максим Ботух says

    I hate this girl

  16. Melisaa Mai says

    Die ist dof

  17. tülay says

    sofia so ugly

  18. MyLifeAsNIANA 245 says


  19. maria maraki says

    Jelena is real love and Sofia is bitches

  20. Nagatsuka Yashida says

    I hate her. Im so happy,it's away. She don't understand who was her boyfriend. Without her daddy and mother she never was celebrity like now. It's bad.

  21. yuli yulia says

    she beautiful and Justin love her …

  22. Justin la
    Verdad se te nota tu no estas enamorado de sofi no se ve la conexión entre tu y ella…Vuelve con selena ustedes dos ,desde chicos estuvieron enamorados y tu hiciste todo para que que ella fuera tu novia y lo fueron y se que tu aun la amas vuelve con selena

  23. dalya 0623 says


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