Kendall Jenner Instagram Photos 2012 (NEW)


This is Kendall Jenner new instagram photos 🙂 Dont forget to subscribe me, more videos are coming xoxo, Tay Song : 5 O’clock by T-Pain, Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen.

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  1. Amirah Fly says

    it's called makeup

  2. Nerdyme28 says

    You totally made my day(:

  3. Lauren Gray says

    Last Kinqqs-3

  4. Taylor P says

    1:32 soo pretty(:

  5. josi0719 says

    no curve

  6. Natasha says

    She's not even pretty, too tall and quite frankly too average

  7. VACCE cento says

    è figa in culo, me sale un maiale

  8. Laura Sofia Zepeda says

    does anybody happen to know what nail polish is that on 1:46 – 1:51 ??? i would really appreaciate it!!

  9. Natasha says

    @fefe lad Yeah ikr they're all covered in makeup.

  10. Natasha says

    @dancemomsgleek Hahaha you gotta be joking

  11. TheMaddiePie says

    It's Tifanny & Co.

  12. Laura Sofia Zepeda says

    is it literally a nail polish from the brand or is that the color from another brand??

  13. The Shitster says

    2:12 I like a girl that can eat!

  14. Chas A says

    actually shes gained more confidence since her last job of modeling, now shes on the cover of Vogue, she does take modeling seriously

  15. michael jackson says

    she basically wears no make up and shes beautiful as anything!!!!!! she probably just wears foundation and mascara uhhh stunning!!!

  16. T0T91 says

    the hell should i know.

  17. Jill Chang says

    She looks just like Kim accept her hair shes still pretty though right!!??

  18. Jill Chang says

    Kendall don`t listen to all these mean people…their just jealous lol! say hi to Kylie,Kim,Kourtney,and Klo for me! 🙂 btw your house is amazing!

  19. younha kim says

    -.-" wish i was pretty like kendall *sigh* life isn't fair</3

  20. sicknessinabox says

    Cars over Kendall anyday

  21. rkedu1 says

    i think u should try to be like her, her body is perfect!!!!!

  22. Hannah Pjams says

    Imagine if the Kardashians had an ugly daughter :O They'd probably lock her away or something.

  23. Valentina Cepeda Rojas says

    She´s rich she´s very pretty,she has everything..
    life suck is very unfair :'(

  24. kittenlove84 says

    she is soo perfect

  25. Maxine Perez says

    Shes so beautuful

  26. afterthe storm says

    Yeah I did the same thing (not trying to look like her, but like tall girls). It took me a while to realize that if you have longer arms and longer legs then the weight will always look more evenly distributed than a person with smaller arm and leg lenth. The advantage to having smaller arms and legs is that you usually also have a smaller waist and that makes more of a curve shape noticeable 🙂

  27. Nichole Friend says

    i really do get depressed when i watch this ;(

  28. Kacie Clark says

    This video is amazing! Perfect song and everything! 🙂

  29. Mari Gaytan says

    Maybe she's pretty and rich and famous…but her head & brain are like empty walnuts…just saying

  30. Gigigirl01 says

    Well, she's pretty. But that doesn't mean she's better than anyone else.

  31. Meta Rama says

    Tihs is so beuatiful foto ♥

  32. Katherina P says

    What kind of model eats mcdonalds? Shes a joke

  33. GSELife4 says

    Pure American trash. Only American losers would be attracted to this slut.

  34. Astrid Madrigal says

    2:22 I love your hair!!

  35. Vanessa Vallejo says

    @Nichole Friend Ikr! I do to! But then I realize I shouldn't because GOD has already blessed us as well.. sooo much, each day is a new day of life and adventure!

  36. Ali Rechlin says

    Follow me on Instagram: @alirechlin

  37. courtney venables says

    i wana be u

  38. graceizawkward says


  39. Bendianna Fleury says

    Bendianaaa x33 add me.on ig I'll follow back

  40. Janaka says

    Loser like you calling a beautiful teen who you don't know a slut. We should all Try to be just like you….

  41. Cory Chapman says

    i like her eyes

  42. gharbi salem says

    i like her <3 :'( damn she is so hot ,

  43. Karla G. Maya Garcìa says

    Muy linda

  44. John Naula says

    Umhhh how about she makes a porn video like her sis??… but I don't think she needs to do it, to be famous… don't follow ur sis steps lol

  45. kmila rojas says

    kendall es demasiado bella la admiró muchoo

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