Kim Kardashian Best Moments 2016


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  1. J88 S says

    very very fake to the core but she covers up her sinister nature wonderfully

  2. The One says

    sexy mama happy thoughs

  3. The One says

    my dream are scary and happy

  4. littletogethers says

    OUI, au niveau d'une huitre , et encore , l'huitre a de l'avance 🙂

  5. littletogethers says

    LA pauvre , elle croit vraiment qu'elle n'est pas une conne 🙂

  6. littletogethers says

    degre 0 of intellect, human been without her 🙂

  7. littletogethers says

    I prefer an hundred por cent , scott 🙂

  8. littletogethers says

    SO one critises scott, a génius , he is .. NO compares , so flat , others …

  9. whatever. says

    OMG!!! You guys say that she is a slut because she did a sex tape but let me tell you some facts:
    1. Her SEX TAPE was leaked!
    2.In a episode she explained that she wanted her life to be private and it was Ray J's idea to do it.

  10. ANNIHILATOR says

    She was an accidental one hit wonder porn star . The dude that leaked the tape intended to destroy her with that . But now shes made a living off of other things . Y'all can shame her all you want but at the end of the day she's not hurting anyone . If there's teens and kids looking up to her, that's their parents faults . She's fake on the outside yet comes off so genuine on the inside . Think outside the box instead of using group think .

  11. Jhoanne Borlasa says

    i live emily rataj

  12. Joao.000000000 Lima says

    linda poderosa e muito mais beijo

  13. Lily Beth says

    y’all apparently hate the kardashians so much but your still watching every single video? makes no sense. they never do anything problematic yes they’re a bit over the top but they’re millionaires for god’s sake not really sure what people expect

  14. Disbish Ryhier says

    I wonder what sex with Kanye is like. I feel like it would start off terrifying then intriguing then terrifying again.

  15. Adam Kocur says

    I came here cuz I want to see if Kanye chose well.

  16. Sarah says

    A lot of ppl say she talks too slow but when you live with the most annoying siblings shouting from one room to the other you kinnda think that her voice is lowkey soothing

  17. Aidan Luap says

    Kim has the sweetest personality..unlike her 2 try too hard sisters

  18. Cooper Hicks says

    I’m screaming sis really had a baby in 2018

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