Kylie Jenner Copies Kim’s Nude Selfie & Cuddles Up With Tyga In Orlando


Kylie Jenner VS Kim Kardashian: WHO WORE IT BEST? ▻▻ More Celebrity News ▻▻ Did Kylie share a sexy selfie to show solidarity…

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  1. Noria Pascale says

    That pic tho 0.47

  2. Dajour Williams says

    who else never noticed this until clever put it together? lol

  3. Grainne Molloy says

    eww tygas teeth look so gross

  4. Flo-boat says

    Or maybe Kyle wants to show off her body

  5. Sam Tobosque says

    LMAO THAT MOMENT WHEN SHE SAYS "BACK AT IT AGAIN SHARING TONS OF ADORABLE PICTURES" then shows a pic at 0:47 and tygas face is just priceless. Such irony

  6. trinity says

    Kim said she is comfortable with her own body and Kylie isn't technically copying wtf. Kylie is probably saying she's comfortable in her own skin. Or ur just freaking out about her wearing the black swim suit and u really need to calm down..

  7. Gianna Fontanez says

    Could we have some actual news clever my god!

  8. Matias Fernandez says

    How can a beautiful girl like that fall for someone like him…..

  9. TheHappyJoker says

    I hate girls with jungle fever smh

  10. Rei Woo says


  11. Slinger says

    Kylie is like mini me of Kim.

  12. Zain is Lyfe. says

    I hate gay people

  13. QueenOfPinkPrint says

    I get it if you're feelin' yourself and wanna show off your body, but why does it seem cool to post near-naked selfies in the footsteps of your older sister who you know is dragged for being too promiscuous? Yes, Kylie is a legal adult as she is 18, turning 19 this year, but the fact that as an 18-year old, she feels its cool to be so promiscuous and she strives to be like Kim. Honey, sister or not, Kim isn't who you should be tryna become as you grow older.

  14. joshisdunwidyou says

    Just bc Tyga is ugly doesn't mean she doesn't love him, she might just lien him bc he's nice has anyone ever told you 'don't judge a book by its cover?' Well y'all are judging him by his cover, skanks

  15. Stephanie Louise says

    why are you constantly talking about this talentless family? how is tyga feeding kylie news? seriously you need to talk about more important shit then this fucking family.

  16. Avrilalavina1 says

    Tyga looks high

  17. bernie dunne says

    Sold your body to the devel sad

  18. bernie dunne says

    Tyga fell from the ugly tree

  19. Royal Riley says

    Just cause it's a black bikini does not mean the black bars are copying each other

  20. Anthony Mathias says


  21. BZA says

    who cares?

  22. Hailey Grace says

    First- Kylie is wearing clothes
    Second- she is young and so this is totally normal
    Third- shes not a mother.

  23. Angelica Martinez says

    So sad how sisters have to compete for who posts the best nude pics … Seriously lol

  24. Jason Richardson says

    Kylie is so hot, what is she doing with a looser like him.

  25. Mistertbones says

    How is this newsworthy?

  26. why idek says

    well all they want is attention

  27. Chamari Fenty-Graham says

    Me on every Kardashian/Jenner video: "Why am I even watching this?"

  28. Liz Sun says

    The more i see them the more they show that they have no dignity of women and can do everything to be in center of attention . What a superficial pop culture we have . these women are brainless .

  29. Nikola Kokina says

    people youre sick

  30. Harrizzl says


  31. horacio corral says

    Tyga is an ugly as nigga .These girls have no standards.

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