Kim Kardashian’s Untouched Photos


Untouched photos of Kim Kardashian on the beach went viral and Carmelo Anthony still has an eye for his estranged wife, La La.

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  1. Jannet Sierra says

    Honestly Wendy is a big hater she constantly talks crap about the Kardashians like dude focus on your face instead of others lives

  2. raescool334 says

    Oh Wendy! Stop being so nosy!

  3. Alien She says

    She be looking like a Capital P

  4. Mayra Macias says

    Im sorry, but who in their right mind can sit through more than 5 minutes watching this woman. She has the personality of a rock. She tries way too hard to be funny and she is just NOT

  5. Amber Tankersley says

    Alright now Ike Turner (TI)

  6. EAZY GANG says

    Nick cannon high on drugs he geek

  7. Jessica LT says

    I cannot stand Wendy Williams and this is exactly why. Let's see you Wendy in all your glory on the beach. I don't care or watch about the K. Family…this is ridiculous….but superficiality reports on superficiality.

  8. Melanie Aldershoff says

    Wendy had plastic surgery and still looks bad

  9. Melanie Aldershoff says

    Wendy is ugly inside and out

  10. Benyikoko says

    His thing about KIM K and being friends and too many titles in society is soo true.. i love nick canon <33

  11. Stacie Chiquita says

    Honestly I love Wendy but her eyes are scary in this-too much caffeine or …something (yikes) also I have to disagree that she looks manly but her booty could grow some to balance out this huge boobs, but hey we all built different and she is beautiful inside and out

  12. Shasta Childs says

    Wendy I love you but those boobs are too big for your frame

  13. T. R. says

    She's the best with lighting? More like with photoshop-guys' and surgeons' picking.

  14. Nellie hagström says

    yeah it's a rap thing. a mos def thing.

  15. moetry2001 says

    Okay “ Too many titles” ? I am very confused, saying someone is “ A friend” Is a title, it may be a title that you are more comfortable with using but it is a title. It classifies the type of relationship you have with someone ( you’ll never get away from titles or classifications). Also, what right does anyone have to say who someone decides to date, if you are not with that person any longer hence “ divorced” (oops another title)!! Does it make sense for someone who no longer has any rights to who you are with and where you go, how do they have the right to say who you can date or marry! Nick can be funny and he seems pretty cool, but some things he says does not make sense either!!

  16. ESTHER MUKUHI says


  17. Leo R nshung says

    Those asparagus legs tho.

  18. loony10 says

    the massive boobs, the nose??? wtf is actually going on with wendy??

  19. M C. says

    Suzanne needs to calm tf down.

  20. Kyle Sinclair says

    Don't even have enough respect to wear a shirt to the show
    And that thing on his head has got to go come on man lol
    I hear the that Wendy lady is really a man

  21. A Marie says

    I agree totally with TI kids need structure time and routine. I also get that the baby needs both parents and she needs to make sure to work that schedule to work with his so someone is home to care for the baby

  22. Lee C says

    Anyone else think her implants are unporportioned? She's beautiful and a cool woman but her boobs are too big

  23. Michael Goodman says

    Kim Kardashian has a Full Diaper for a butt – Fukin Nasty!

  24. leah augustine says

    LOL!!! I LOVE NICK. He is not like all these other rappers disrespecting women.

  25. kingogkingswoodz says

    R Kelly is a fucking child molester end of that. If his name comes up and everyone doesn't speak about him in disgust then their also sick child molester enabling evil assholes.

  26. kingogkingswoodz says

    Also go to the center for disease control website and see but black women between the ages of 19 and 49 are 52% genital herpes positive. 42% of black males are positive with genital herpes. Literally 1 in 2 black American adults have genital herpes. Now every other std known to man is 10 to 50 times higher among black Americans then any other group in the nation. Now if they don't start criticizing this open sex idea culture then it will only get worse. Criticism is how a culture changes its short comings and faults. More black babies are aborted every year in America then are born. This has been true for decades. That's genocide and a liberal mainstay. The pioneer of planned parenthood openly stated blacks were like weeds and it was her mission to slow their population growth via abortion promotion and with the ecstatic liberal support it has gotten for a complete genocidal racist her dreams have come true. Hillary Clinton calls Margaret Sanger her hero…..stop letting these immorality celebrity morons sell you destructive cultural ideas as cool fun and great ways to live. They dumb you down for their own interest and destroy you to enrich themselves. Among the most diverse nation on earth and in history wouldn't it be nice to not top the list by leaps and bounds on every terrible social issue known to man? Highest crime especially violent crime by far, let's end that. Highest sexual transmitted disease rates across all std's by far. Highest single motherhood rates highest high school drop out rates lowest SAT score rates highest abortion rates etc etc etc. None of these things are genetically based they are all cultural issues that we can change and haven't always existed. Let's be the least criminally active and least violent. Most married couples least likely to carry STD'S most likely to graduate high school score the highest on scholastic testing and use the abortion clinics the least. We can do all of that and don't need anyone to help us. Think about it. Their ate no laws forcing Asians to be the best in all of those categories they do it because it's there culture. A culture is puely idea sets. Ideas can change and nobody has to stick a gun in our face to do it. We can be better then the Japanese at building cars or robots. Better then whites at engineering better then the Chinese at raising our kids in two parent homes and better then the Koreans or Japanese in school. We do it by working harder then they do at it all which is how they ate the best at all of it. It isn't in their genes it's their culture. Ours can be better.

  27. Karen Pisacane says

    Her shape is weird. Shes huge on top. I know fake but the rest of her body is straight. No curves!

  28. Seasons of Sophia says

    wendy´s boobs…..they are just to big for that body now. and i think she is on some serious dieting pills like anna nicole, probably also why she faints


    I love Nick

  30. April West says

    Wendy when you fix that ugly out of proportion body of yours then spill the tea about Kim's booty.

  31. Quantum Mechanic says

    Wtf is this show just ego and silicone.

  32. Felisha Kay says

    "Ugh Stop im trying to talk peasants"

  33. Sath Sah says

    Sorry who was Wendy befie Wendy on stage?

  34. snacks1973 maddog says

    Does wendy still have an 8 inch shlong

  35. Masochistic Suicidie says

    That's not a real rear end. Period. It ain't never gonna look normal. Get some heavenly bulbs for your "lighting" it ain't gonna fix that junk

  36. N- Ing says

    Should a woman who has clearly had various plastic surgery procedures herself really be commenting on other women's bodies? It's like a prostitute promoting celibacy

  37. Brittney Mae says

    Lmao Wendy tried with the shade nick isn’t with that

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