Kendall Jenner Questions Kris Jenner Boyfriend On Their Sex Life – KUWTK Preview


Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kendall Jenner & Khloe Kardashian question Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble about their romance. Starring Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Corey Gamble…

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  1. Kathrine Hansen says

    I feel like she really is a family girl, wants to protect her family, its so sweet! <3<3

  2. Nur wajeha says


  3. Raylla Tatielle says

    Kendall is so pretty that i'm starting to believe that she's adopted.

  4. nycto philia says

    What I noticed about Kendall is that she really is protective to her family, she's sensitive and a family-oriented kinda girl.

  5. 吕夏 says

    Kendall is adorable

  6. @ND* says


  7. Christopher Hardin says

    I could care less about this bitch.

  8. mole lott tay says

    kendall is really pretty

  9. Olja Djukic says

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  10. Emma Domenech says

    If Kendall wasn't pretty you guys would shit on her like you do with her sisters.

  11. Ocavi Cabavi says

    I'm sure that he would with Kenny if he could..

  12. Haley Gilbert says

    Haha Kendall is so cute acting all protective and shit. I think my favorite part of this video is Khloe just chillin in the back on her phone with no fucks given! LOL She's great! They're both great!

  13. David Buep says

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  14. Grizzlyx9 says

    shit just lost 20 brain cells!!!

  15. Sofia Lakh says

    kendall's face at 0:06 is everything hahaahahha

  16. Chau Jones says

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  17. DUMB in a CAN says

    there s a KENDALL Jenner too ?
    i din t know
    the only Kendal i knew of was that famous Jamaican ( Kendall Crash )

  18. Lucio Buckner says

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  19. Soccer and more says

    they are in mexico look at 0:09 there are Pemex and a bus of cd Mx

  20. brunet cary says

    хорошенькая она

  21. hahahahahagaha babaha says

    kendall is fucking ugly. she looks like a fucking man. i dont get how people say shes so pretty & how shes model.. wtf? also, kris's boyfriend is a flaming homo.

  22. Leslie Taylor says

    "She got a lot of energy" lmao

  23. Gabriella Beauty says

    kenall has lip injections too now hooooop

  24. Natural Musique says

    What episode is deas? xD

  25. Weaboosaregay says

    that couger life

  26. Mynymal says

    where they were'? cause at 0:07 that's tright up mexico yhose buses are mexican as hell

  27. Rubén Casas says

    are they in mexico city?

  28. Mathew Faz says

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  29. wounded healer says

    this handsome-ish guy with that old puss….OMG…yakety -yak

  30. steffi Ving says

    he is doing it for the money n sex,,he is younger them kim,,,No real man will have her now knowning she likes younger men almost half her age…She started to do it for the sex but really thinks it can….older women when will you realize even if you look good for your age it wont work why do you set yourself up

  31. bong decep says

    stupid bitch with no seatbelt

  32. Lyrikkkz says

    I love sex

  33. Catherine Smith says

    omg. low..

  34. ela solmaz says

    We got a lot of energy lol

  35. clera says

    Kendall is so real
    No like brat

  36. bong decep says

    Wished they crashed and that stupid Chloe flew though the widescreen

  37. Alayla Harris says

    0:26 Khloe is me when I try to sneak on family trips

  38. Hanuma suzuki says

    Kendall is my fav because she's a natural beauty

  39. Viyuyinn Valar says

    All these nasty hoes love niggers
    Uugggghh !!! Disgusting bitches

  40. Kim Gaming says

    It goes kortney Kim Khole Kendall kylie but kylie looks older then kendell

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