Kylie Jenner Naughty and Nice Palette Tutorial with Hrush


Kylie Jenner reveals the Naughty and Nice palettes from the 2017 Holiday Collection in this makeup tutorial with Hrush. The Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection launches Wednesday, November…

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  1. Pearl Anderson says

    whispers:Hey guys it’s me! Asmr JENNER,

  2. Angelica Matias says

    Lover jjiji

  3. Callie Cox says

    This is asmr

  4. Michael Apicella says

    I'm sorry but ariel is a batter makeup artist!

  5. Samantha Blake-Stewart says

    I'm gutted you can't get your makeup in england

  6. Nilanjana Mazumder says

    hrush does anyone else think she looks nd khloe?

  7. Cole Doohan says

    She was pregnant here

  8. بدر العباسي says

    kylie LOVE

  9. Kim A says

    I love makeup lord save my soul hallelujah

  10. shaymea ben says

    HEY WITCH BRUSH DID YOU USE FOR HER EYESHADWS or does anyone else know ??

  11. Curtis Davis says

    Asmr what it felt like you guys got some talent

  12. Yunie Tat says

    ASMR af

  13. Coco Golden says

    such a strange order of shadow application lol

  14. Guadalupe Quesadas says

    Now I know she said naughty cause she was at least 5 months pregnant

  15. Abi Wood says

    Hmm you can't see Kylies tummy

  16. Gianni Petioni says

    This is a great tutorial✨

  17. Fabiäna dos Santos says

    Her lips are weird

  18. mabellean1 says

    Get some more plastic surgery! Give some to your new daughter stormi too. Tell her that God didn't make her perfect and that's why you have money for a plastic surgeon you fucking disgrace.

  19. katie gill says

    The Intro is painfully awkward especially Kylie

  20. Skylar says

    Asmr is shook

  21. Buse Ateş says

    Makeups beatiful..

  22. Arab princess Nice says

    In the thumbnail she looks like Michael Jackson lol I love MJ he’s too good of a comparison for her

  23. Diamondragon Slayer says

    I cannot with this voice & headphones. I can literally hear the sticking of saliva when she speaks

  24. The Other Side says

    A boring & bland looking female worshiped and followed by a bunch of losers. She thinks she's all that but if she wasn't related to the Kardashians most guys wouldn't even look at her twice.

  25. Em S says

    The ASMR omg

  26. beautylifehax says

    this look is great !

  27. Sara :3 says

    I always watch this cause the voice of that other girl is so asmr like

  28. wlsdud2131 says

    what is she's lens!!

  29. Sofía Esmeralda Munnigh Pujals says

    I love her voice so much.

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