Kim Kardashian Sparks OUTRAGE After Topless Pic Taken By Daughter North


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Another day, another Instagram photo that has landed Kim Kardashian in hot water, buuuut are fans overreacting this time around? Wait,…

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  1. It's normal for moms to change in front of their children its their kid/s
    It is odd bc she's a little girl and she took a picture of her mom changing lol

  2. Little mix Lover says

    Girlll who breast fed her?

  3. Mrs Dolan says

    It’s one thing to change in front of your kid but it’s another thing to allow your kid to take pictures of u while getting changed (if she was getting changed) and then to post it on instagram is mad. Kim is a terrible mother

  4. Sketch says

    Wtf bro u man r overreacting so what her child came out of her it’s not that deep if she took a pic for her

  5. Alice Piol Guerra says

    Even if she was changing why does she have to take a picture of that

  6. R.L RZ says

    She probably took the ass pictures when she had the braids on too. Pedophile bitch mother. This is hollyweird. I wouldn't put it past them that they are grooming their children to grow up to do deplorable sht. This family is weird and they are probably incestuous and pedophiles.

  7. Rihanna fan94 says


  8. Sherice Willis says

    I feel like she parades that child around to much…like you never saw Blue in chokers and ting when she was a baby…let children be children

  9. Tula Andrikopoulos says

    Everyone has an opinion. ….Kim has no values. …..
    She does anything for attention and likes to be in the spotlight no matter what it takes.
    Let's sit back and watch this precious little girl ( North ) when she is a teenager !!!!! Don't want to even think about it !

  10. Wonita Christine Network says

    NO ISSUE: being around your daughter topless or naked. Taking a pick (thats her parenting skills)
    THE REAL ISSUE: Posting it on social media for the world to see, to normalise your parenting skills. She has a huge influence (which she is aware of) on todays kids and young mothers.


  11. Seasons of Sophia says

    just shows how fucked up and selfabsorbed that family is

  12. Jonghyun4life says


  13. katie h. says

    No not okay nasty if she was a baby not taking a photo and not remembering okay but while she's 4 no so wrong she might think that's okay

  14. katie h. says

    These comments r killing me … Its her daughter thrs ntn wrong yea but why bout when she's 13 and snap chatting nudes or something's cuz she sees her mommy do it … Messed up by far

  15. Elaina Lyn says

    Her daughter took a photo of her back……not her front……..

  16. Michelle Vasquez says

    Me to my mom would change in front of me

  17. Lowkey Sarcasm says

    I honestly think that yes okay it’s weird and kind of odd but honestly it’s not that bad when u really think abt it. Well it’s not bad to change in front of ur daughter but why would she take a picture and post it

  18. Savannah Salvador says

    Is no one going to bring up how much she looks like Meghan Markle?

  19. itz_sam_XD !!! says

    Tbh I don't see anything wrong with it their both of the same gender and they are strongly related so I don't see the problem here. I used to walk in on my mom topless all the time maybe north was playing around on Kim phone and Kim later on realised she had taken the photo this could seriously be a genuine missunderstandin and even if Kim asked maybe she could use a little help and fully trusted her daughter and I understand why some of you are getting all manic over it but really I think it's nice for then to have the trust love bond even If it means taking pictures of your mom topless and north is fine she isn't like scard for life it nothing she ain't seen befor

  20. Warrior Lovato says

    All 5 year olds have seen their mothers topless at least once or twice in their life. What's the big deal?

  21. demi devonne says

    Her nipples are the place she was feed when she was born i'm not kim fan but this hate is only sexist

  22. Erica Moore says

    After watching this my one and only question is… Where the hell is Kanye?!? Followed by… Does he even have a say in who/what his daughter will become???

  23. rapunzel disney says

    she kinda had a shirt on
    love kim k

  24. E Le says

    Next on Klevver news kim wearing clothes on new Instagram post while Kayne Snapchats himself taking a shit on stage. Stay tune for more details.

  25. Ahmed Alhassan says

    Let's alleviate all the b.s. and think… Did North say, "hey, let me take a picture of moms boobs without her knowing"?? Kim was scrolling and found an off Gaurd shot. Happens all the time with kids

  26. Danielle Elaine says

    The minute I saw that picture, I knew this would be a thing

  27. Marina G. says

    This girl looks to me like megan markle

  28. Destiny Rickman says

    Oh please she posted naked photos and that’s her daughter she sucked on her boobs in her life so they need to relax

  29. Loretta Taylor says

    So I have a vibrator for teaching how to have sex at a young age she touching her own child drinking Illuminati blood teach her to sacrifice animals teacher her to pray to Satan. Sex Magic at a young age. Good job at putting demons in her demon possessed MK her breaking her in Young to be just like them. To be seductive vanity I know I know North friend teaching her 2 be rebellious much more Kanye West mine is gone

  30. Chloe Alves says

    People should be immune to this by now… Kim k is always gonna be outrageous doing the most… So chill I don't think it's gonna end anyway even if people "try" stopping her

  31. Loretta Taylor says

    No stupid u go get a child. To take child take porn photos of u moron

  32. Jocelyn Diego says

    I feel like people should be worried about the shooting In Florida not Kim K

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