Ariana Grande kissing Mac Miller at “Dangerous Woman Tour”


During “The Way”, at “Dangerous Woman Tour” in Inglewood (California). 31/03/2017 Nossas redes sociais:…

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  1. El gallo cantor Mtz says

    hola me gusta tu vos eres muy tierna

  2. stars life says

    it is sooooooooooo cute

  3. fadedmoonlight says


  4. Cemre Grande says


  5. Kwahnation Mh says

    Them big ass pants Ariana wearing lol

  6. Jaiden T says

    I bet you he misses kissing ariana ' sift lips

  7. ari the gymnast says

    love uuuuuuu so muchhh

  8. Ariana Martinez says

    Wtf am I blind or something where is Ricky in the audience???

  9. FrizzyFoe says

    0:10 wtf was that Mac miller?

  10. Books_and_More says


  11. Carolyn McCarthy says

    Who tf is Ricky

  12. Chloe Driscoll says

    I prayed for you and all of the people around you we love Ariana Grande and Manchester one love Manchester love you .

  13. Kiera 2343 says


  14. Hxrlsmp4 says

    fuck ricky lmao

  15. Štäÿ•äłïvë • says

    I know a lot of people don't like what ariana is wearing in this but I really like it

  16. gladeys y blessing says

    Minuto 0:44

  17. Michaels Left Foot says

    everyone's like "poor ricky" but at least Mac knows how to treat his princess right lmao

  18. A little singer says

    48 people were so shook by all this cuteness, they missed the like button.

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