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  1. rollercoastermanful says

    If you were still wondering yes she was naked.

  2. Oakley55555 says

    die tags sind das geilste an dem video

  3. GomezingZwagger says

    No! U think sel wud do something like that?!

  4. bailey smith says

    She is not u can see her bathing suit!!

  5. Krispy . Rafa says

    Justin bieber became famous just for money so he's a son of a bitch fuck u Justin bieber

  6. rollercoastermanful says

    Yeah, she is naked

  7. Zoe Pratt says

    So weird

  8. Christopher Osborne says

    Selena sexy

  9. Arielle Cummings says

    shes naked

  10. celine hammoud says

    her bathing suit is probably covered by jb i hate justin beiber

  11. Cam Macs says

    She has a bathing suit on i saw a side pic of this excact pic

  12. Chrisian Craig says


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