Black Model BLEACHES her skin to look like BEYONCE!


Black Model Irene Major prefers having ‘light skin’ than ‘dark skin’. Irene uses skin lightening creams to look like Beyonce’s shade. Black Model Defends Her Choice to Lighten Her Skin | …

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  1. Blake Moore says

    I love my chocolate caramel beautiful black women it was t best creation God created was water and beautiful black women

  2. Maggie Campbell says

    No I don't agree it was her talented. Her father is full of shit cause he was pushing a book he wrote and his new girl group is light skinned so has been shading to his on dark skinned daughter that is talented liked her big sister Beyonce He not taking about doing the. Same for her like he did for his older children

  3. LadyDemigod says

    If she wants to bleach her skin it's her choice and her money. I don't think she should have to answer to other black people for her decisions. She needs to ask that white woman, why does she tan?

  4. Bella Linda says

    She looked better with her natural toned complexion.

  5. Bella Linda says

    Her attitude is poor. She needs to work on her inner beauty & less on her physical appearance.

  6. Flaviagro says

    Wow God. All the best

  7. Paul Kline says

    The lady looks weird with her bleached skin. Out might come back to haunt her in later life.

  8. Paul Kline says

    She does the interviews because she makes money doing it. Also she is trying to pump up her career which is going down hill as she gets older.

  9. Paul Kline says

    I don't think she should knock other people because of their skin color since she feels her lighter skin is better than her darker skin was because she felt cheated maybe from the white community because of her darker skin. Then for her to knock people for their darker skin she is doing to them what she felt was done to her. She is not being fair to others.

  10. Christy Woods says

    She does seem to have a problem with other Women.

  11. Teena Ezell says

    This model, looks so much more beautiful in her dark skin. I wish she could see that!
    She spoke about Black American history. Black American history is something that we share along with our African brothers and sisters! They better not forget that!

  12. Teena Ezell says

    Biances' dad knows how this world is. Ever since the days of slavery, light skin blacks have always been treated better and made to believe that the lighter you are, the more attractive and beautiful you are.

  13. C. Diamonds says

    She's out of her mind. There's a huge rise in dark skinned sistas being promoted. Remy Ma a dark skinned sista got a song about it. Black Latina celeb Amara's getting a lot of attentions through mainstream media with a stunning beautiful dark skin. Black Panther the movie got many hot, sexy and fierce dark sistas as warrior queens. Heck a lot of white men ( most secretly) loved dark skinned sistas too!!

  14. Deals with Latasha J says

    No matter how she says it and what she claims …(sips tea) she has a self-hate factor within herself ..she may try to cover it up..But it is WHAT IT IS… I can bet a million dollars she was told that she was too dark for the industry and called a darkie among some of her own negative people across the states AKA US… It has clearly taken its toll on her as I am watching her become defensive and trys to deflect that "my kids our mix" This a disassociation factor with self. If she was clearly doing it for the right reasons of so-called preference it should not have BOTHER HER and just laugh it off. As far as it being an "BLACK AMERICAN COMMENT" is a lie as well …I dont know how many times or videos I HAVE SEEN ON BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN OVERLY BLEACHING THEIR SKIN. Its one thing to get rid of blemishes…IT A WHOLE DIFFERENT FACTOR WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO CHANGE GODS COLOR WHEEL THAT HE GAVE YOU. As far as weaves and black women wanting to look like the europeans YES THERE ARE SOME LIKE THAT…But you have to remember too the HISTORY of ALL THINGS… If you search DEEP IN HISTORY you find that we wore wigs as well for rituals and fashion and yes they were more of a coiled nature. Given what I said ….To all those women who dem the europen look to be superior you have to remember that WE COME IN ALL BEAUTIFUL SHADES&COLORS….. From eye color to hair BONE STRAIGHT OR EVEN BLUES EYES WE HAVE HAD THIS IN OUR GENE POOL WAY BEFORE THE EUROPEAN GENE POOL CAME TO EXIST. We did not have to be so- called MIXED TO HAVE THESE THINGS …They came as adaption factor of changing climates after LONG PERIODS OF TIME ….yes we TRAVELED PEOPLE LOL WE TRAVELED/EXPLORED. But we dont know this because WE dont know WHO WE ARE aka THATS ALOT OF US OTHER THAN WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD. Now back to my closing …… This DISEASE OR VIRUS IS NOT GOING TO BE STOP BY ANY WHITE MAN EVER…IT HAS TO START WITH US FROM ALL OVER THE GOBAL BECAUSE THIS MESS IS EVERYWHERE . WE have so much PTSD OVER THE ISSUE THAT THE OTHER RACES DONT HAVE TO NAME CALLS US SO MUCH ANYMORE…WHY CAUSE WE ARE DOING IT TO OURSELVES. So who is going to be the cure to this issue US… How …I TELL YOU HOW ….Stop compare your skin to the next brotha or sista next to YOU. You both look good IN GODS CREATION. Stop letting your kids do the same in YOUR HOUSEHOLD thinking its cute as a joke… Its not cute or funny .. Last but not least WE NEED TO CHECK ELDERS YES I SAID IT …..ELDERS WHO DO THE SAME… NO EXCUSES NO ONE GETS A PASS! WHY BECAUSE THERE WAS A FEW GOOD OLE BLACK FOLK CALLED FREEDOM FIGHTERS WHO SAID " THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AND NOT TODAY….. We have to kill the beast within before we can deal with the external negative issues that lay outside of our boundaries.

  15. lion head says

    She hate dark skin so she marry a white man,he'll be upon her

  16. Esl Professional says

    Dark skin black women go through hell, thanks to white supremacy. Black people go through so much racism in general. Can you blame a black person for trying to erase themselves? Like Sammy Sosa, Lil Kim, all the black men in IR relationships…

  17. Lulu A says

    I watched this I was cursing all the time she is so arrogant have u watched the part 2

  18. ladynefertitibk says

    I have to say she looked better with her original skin complexion.

  19. buthcher911 says

    She looks better in dark skin.

  20. Sunnryze says

    It's the effects of Post Colonialism…'s self hatred. This is a deep issue that she will be in denial about. It's the house negroes vs the field negroes. Media also plays a good factor on showing up any thing associated with "White" is beautiful, pure etc and indirectly tells us we should aspire to be or look this way.

  21. Pauline Welsh says

    She all mixed up and lost, plus her conversations are very shallow. She needs to find herself mentally first before changing her skin color.

  22. God s child God child says

    she is not pretty at all she have a self hate for herself

  23. God s child God child says

    be your self no one can be another person love u

  24. Malaika Morris says

    I totally agree regarding Irene. lol

  25. woodswal says

    Her skin doesn't look like Beyonce's skin. Beyonce is a warm caramel. This lady is a white sheet in a unnatural way.

  26. winter 87 says

    God please help this poor woman and all other people who hate your creation of them. Self love is so important. I think this woman has other issue going on beyond Mel B.!


    She looks more like Matthew Knowles than Beyonce Knowles, but hey its her thing.

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