Miley Cyrus New Shocking S*X Tape


Miley Cyrus New Shocking S*X Tape – Does Miley Cyrus have a sex tape? A fan of the Wrecking ball singer revealed some shocking messages from the singer, where she talked about a sex tape! A…

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  1. Trevor Phillips says

    I seen it its goooood

  2. The_Disabled_Gamer#2 says

    What a little WHORE and a bad bad bad role model for kids, DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS LISTEN OR GO TO SEE THIS SLUTTY WHORE, welcome to the ruination of todays youth !

  3. Rosse Marie Mora says

    this is bitch miley

  4. emilio villanueva says

    sweet badgirls

  5. joey McLochlin says


  6. Unkown soldie071 says

    This model is Caroline cross stupid chanel

  7. Polina S says

    Стввь лайк кто русский

  8. Mia Blanco says

    why don't you show boods and and you sex on a vedio

  9. Nanna Sag says


  10. Johnathon Chapman says

    I want miley cyrus have sex with me

  11. Chrisjb1983 says

    I would of wifed her in 2012/early 2013. She has since been heavily tainted. Tainted beyond all repair.

  12. Bike Riders says


  13. Austin Bishop says

    its not even here dumb asses

  14. Gabe says

    pute a click

  15. John Smith says

    110% no sex tape including Miley Cyrus this is a porn actress that looks like her called Miley May

  16. Tajinder Sahota says

    dup him and Mary me

  17. Manuel Echevarria says


  18. Gluck Dion says

    I'll tap that in a heartbeat

  19. Rian Novianto says

    what are doing

  20. Cactus Anal says

    so was it really her?

  21. Druck BomB says

    fucking bullshit

  22. Colton Lee says

    its not miley, its a fucking porn actress look and makeup just like her, playboy use to offer miley 1 million for some nude photoshoot but she refused

  23. never so.noticeable says


  24. Katharina Jana says

    the girl on pornhub got tunnel and piercings like everywhere that miley dosent have. So it's not her obviously xD

  25. Konata Izumi says

    at this point does anyone actually care

  26. FocusFanatic says

    this fuckhole needs to be shot…. by ISIS.

  27. Maria Beleri says

    she is very crazy

  28. J o n a t h a n says

    she don't care she pees and poops on stage let fans touch her up. i bet back stage she's having sex with everyone.

  29. rola bovu says

    click bait shit

  30. Jaxton Wheeler says

    i hate miley cyrus

  31. Amanor Steven says

    Jesus Christ is coming so repent

  32. Rosa Norman says

    she has a lookalike on pornhub .

  33. MrDoublehappy says

    Billy Ray Cyrus is so boring thank goodness for Miley her nature has little to do with his boring genes

  34. Mami Hmar says

    That Bitch is not Miley Cyrus I hate that Bitch

  35. snowpro90 says

    She's a nasty skank and so is her father.

  36. Andreas Sinclair says

    Zionisten Bitch

  37. Roberto Cruz says
  38. businesslaw JohnJames says


  39. Life Is Hella Strange says

    To all those idiots—-
    She's Miley May , a Pornstar
    Not Miley Cyrus.

  40. caitlin lol says


  41. MILEY CRAZY says

    Shut up cow

  42. W Saputro says

    stupid actres

  43. Sheona Boman says

    She will burn repent

  44. Rz.Lalrammawia Ruthless says

    bitch shut off

  45. karla diaz says

    es una ramera

  46. John Snow says

    A esta se la cachan rudo y parejo.

  47. Mytesha Mcclain says

    She haveing a sex tape she to young for that

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