Kendall Jenner CAUGHT Kissing Jordan Clarkson At Midnight On New Year’s Day


Kendall Jenner’s kiss with ex Jordan Clarkson on New Year! Subscribe for daily uploads of Kylie Jenner Snapchat Stories! Follow me on Twitter: Like me on…

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  1. Live Love Life says

    They are cute

  2. Maria Clara Cruz Da Silva says

    are they dating?

  3. why tho? cause i said so says

    oh hell naw. why couldn't this boi be focused on basketball and striving for better instead of getting caught up in that Hollywood life. some lakers be shady mfs

  4. Arthur Williams says

    they say what you're doing at 12 midnight you'll be doing all year long

  5. Lina De Smet says

    justify Does anyone watch bigger this#vcrlant

  6. njm9 says

    I wish I was famous lol

  7. Basketball Is Life says

    Jordan Clarkson ur fucked

  8. beautiful jessica says

    JASPER!!!….WAS THERE!!!? what about Tyler.

  9. sneijder023 says

    Clarkson, dont be an idiot. them got curse. look at your stats this season. u suck

  10. danony ramos says


  11. Otmar 1999 says

    That wasn't Kendall she didn't wear a striped shirt

  12. DW 88 says

    what this song please? i gueess two songs

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