I Tried Following A KYLIE JENNER Makeup Tutorial… OMG! | HeFlawless


So Today, I Decided to jump on the bandwagon and tried following a Makeup Tutorial! Who Did I choose? Kylie Jenner! lol, Turned me into a Kardashian. Enjoy Dolls! Love You! Thomas Halbert’s…

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  1. Stephen says


  2. Harriet Shearsmith says

    Wish I could do make up better!!

  3. tj Tanner says

    Lmao at him getting makeup in his hair

  4. tj Tanner says

    Cute tutorial

  5. T More says

    Lol Kenny why did I get more of a kind k vibe than kylie

  6. Ang Ela says

    Love your hair, looks great girl.

  7. Chinitayukii Channel says

    New subscriber here. I am new here in the US and Houston. I feel so happy that I found your channel (saw you on the Covergirl competition) I really love your tutorials, it gave me hope to continue what I’m doing and what I love which is makeup and youtube. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Please don’t stop on spiring us.

  8. CHRIS CHYNA says

    Blac chyna & fergie need to go see a therapist

  9. Lauren de vera says

    yaaasss hahaha kenneth kardashian

  10. LunaThePhoenix Sunheart says

    Just stumbled across your channel and instantly fell in love with you. You are absolutely adorable! And seem to have a beautiful and funny personality as well. My kind of person.
    You're flawless honey! Subbed.

  11. Good girl is gone says

    what camera and lens are you using

  12. Simba TheGreat says

    You remind me of that girl from that fish movie with will smith

  13. key kiwi says

    Kenneth is like the president of hot ass gays

  14. key kiwi says

    Will there be a gay or lesbian president one day or maybe 2020?!

  15. adrieana inthirath says

    looks more like jordyn kylie’s bestfriend

  16. Rayven Hawkins7. . I miss says

    Ctfu "it's Kenneth kardashian" bitch I'm dead

  17. mookie x says

    Damn, he IS flawless

  18. Rin Muana says

    such a wide mouth

  19. I Love jun says

    You look good


    I'm dead lol challenges are fun!!

  21. Tray Newbern says

    Does anybody know the name of the first song playing?

  22. Jamila says


  23. Lisa Lopez says

    Your make-up is on point. You skin looks perfect. Great job.

  24. ki lee says

    U playing my song

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