Justin Bieber in Shock!


Justin bieber en shock en un concierto después de que sus beliebers formaron un pequeño cartel lo cual Justin se dio en shock! y al último Lloro :’) Fue tan hermoso LLORE! c:

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  1. Giusy Cammarota says

    No drogato No solo in sotto schok

  2. Frederic Tellier says

    All girls fans of girl tranny ( bieber ).

  3. aoon chohan says

    What happens to him

  4. aoon chohan says

    I think he is not felling well

  5. ههههههههه

  6. wahida hadjiula says

    god hes so cute, when hes shock

  7. Tayzia Henderson says

    I'm your faaaan !!!!!!!!

  8. Buntita Meekaew says

    i love justin bieber

  9. Rajat Mishra says

    As though he is shocked but he is looking very cute

  10. franchesca deyaniris martinez says

    Que triste un niño tan bonito verlo asi paresia que tenia un endrogue que lo tenia buelto un idiota hay onbe como me partio el corazon verlo asi como un completo idiota hojala que ese niño no termine como otros bueltos un disparate eso es lo que hace la droga no es nada buena

  11. TheJavirich says

    in shock?! on drugs, more like it.

  12. Majo Bieber says

    I love you justin…FOREVER..

  13. Sagar Paul says

    This is the stardom 1day hear I M thku

  14. hussein maag says

    Fuck u wacashi kuu dhashe was

  15. Liza Akter says

    Omg!! Justin was truly shocked

  16. Shaikh Fatma says

    Justin you are so cute

  17. Torres Mejia says

    I hate you Justin bieber

  18. ashfiya rahman says

    I m crazy about u jus

  19. Md Nayem says


  20. Md Nayem says

    why snork

  21. sailasya lasya says

    i dont love him

  22. Lecnia Beatriz says


  23. Crazy girl says

    I love justin bieber ♥♥, he is supercute

  24. Sondang Merry says



    i waw like I'm in shocked to so many people

  26. (Joke)
    Maybe Justin Bieber was counting how many fans he have
    1+1=2 2+1 = 9 Lol

  27. ge gwaps says

    Whts with that face?

  28. SHILA FNU says

    Oh my God how sweet you are I just love you Justin Bieber

  29. Barbara Cassady says

    He thinks he is hated because of some of his actions lately,. but he is only human and young with a lot of money in Hollywood… we will cut you a little slack because I believe you are genuinely sorry…love you dude

  30. marika urbanek says


  31. Sammy 9944 says

    te amo justin

  32. Morjana Mohammad says

    Is this in Turkey

  33. Sushmita Prajwal says

    u r rock justin we will lv u forever

  34. Rocio Albarracin says

    Esta re drogado

  35. Valentina d'msp says

    Come back justin.. Please…. i want to see you smile at the stage..2:12 miss your smile.. Why people have break your heart? ..

  36. K. R. says

    Addicted to drugs

  37. BD Prankteam says

    Big fan of his

  38. Jeetsingh Negi says

    Sooooo cute

  39. Jeetsingh Negi says

    Kya face hai yrrrr

  40. Creepy Pennywise stalker says

    Why is he in shock?

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