Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Regret: The Sex Tape | Oprah’s Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network


In 2003, 23-year-old Kim Kardashian did something she would regret years later: She made a sex tape with her then-boyfriend, musician Ray J. Four years later, the tape was leaked and sold on…

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  1. caleb caleb says

    I don’t regret it. It was hot

  2. the rooster says

    All Hollywood deviants on this deviant network

  3. reeshdar says

    lol i was introduced to the world with RayJ's Dick lol

  4. szm r says

    its funny how she answers oprah's question about regret for the video that leaked out……..and how she was ashamed of it. But Kim did you ever think how stupid of a answer you gave because you went and posed for playboy……isnt that showing yourself and your body to the world…..WHERE is your self respect……You have none nor do you have shame…and you probably are a depressed person inside just all about materialistic life…..
    oh btw you ruined yourself with all the work you got done….God made you beautiful the first time and now you just turned into a hideous person… didnt even appreciate what God gave you……why dont you sit down and look at yourself before and after and think about what you did and how you looked.

  5. Darth FatCow says

    I highly doubt that you regret the thing that made you and your talentless family famous.

  6. Xx xX says

    I like Kim.

  7. Yael Colombres says

    Her voice lmao

  8. L E says

    But it’s now been proven that her and her mother leaked the tape themselves? So sick of this fake persona she keeps presenting. She used her father’s name and dragged it through the mud, he isn’t even alive to defend it anymore. I can’t believe this family. They’ll do anything for the fame

  9. mjaneder says

    It's okay what you did is what every girl does these days. No one is exceptional about the fact that we all engage in those act in our everyday lives.

  10. Fiv O.scars says

    regret? It put her on the map, that dick was a one way ticket to fame. She saw it and grabbed it! Period.

  11. Alex Maier says

    Who else went back to watch the video lol?

  12. Tempz says


  13. KittyLicious says

    shes acting like : i have to explain that to my children , the mistake i did…. ye and today you post naked pictures of yourself calling it " ….. poor father rob… when i saw the birthday video for kim (about her childhood ) rob was sooooo loving and caring for her. and now shes like … if rob was living he would be ashamed

  14. 945girlygirl says

    I like Kim. That's it, she is ok in my book.

  15. Belnick6666 says

    her mom leaked it, ofc she knew, anyone go back in time and steal tape and delete it and this kardashian plague would never be upon us

  16. QRS3C273 says

    She's so pretty.

  17. jhoeyjoe2 says

    I love you kim!

  18. Matthew O'Neill says

    You have to admit Kim is stunning

  19. Giveth Taketh says

    im pretty sure she is the celebrity with most nudes out.. not leaked either

  20. Cheyla Hurricane says

    She'd change so much from then to now

  21. Elizabeth says

    Just confused. She was embarrassed about what future children may think of her and embarrassed by her tape. She was actually doing well and opening up dash and all that. She actually had style. Now she actually has kids, dresses horribly, and doesn't mind her daughter taking a topless selfie of her and posting it on social media. She could have still stayed relevant without getting naked.

  22. Keitumetse Oabile says

    Talking bout it or criticising her won't change a thing she's rich and famous now she doesn't care what you say or don't say she's living her life. Talking won't make us rich or anything.

  23. tina pedersen says

    I think she is lying. But she was so beautiful here. Now she looks horrible

  24. Oliver 2000 says

    How can it be her biggest regret when she knowingly filmed it and sold it?

  25. Tehui1974 says

    Zero talent. Zero brains. Incredibly manipulative.

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