Ariana Grande’s Relationship History


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  1. Juust Jaack says

    lmao i just realised graham was on riverdale naw so cute haha

  2. Ariana Grande says


  3. Deria And Smartey says


  4. Melody Pacheco says

    The first guy is from Riverdale ❤

  5. Janaysplace says

    I had a bad vibe to Ricky . I feel he used her in some way . Just something shady about him.

  6. 정영 says

    맥이랑 잘지내서 더 보기좋아잉 오래가조ㅠ

  7. Hiten Nandha says

    I love that Ari and Mac… I ship them

  8. Jael Borg says

    They don't deserve her! Mac miller does only…

  9. Maiuli Teirney says

    These boys would've regretted it. I felt sad for Graham and you, I thought you guys were soo cute !!! Mac and Ari are hot.

  10. Haydee Armitage says

    my fave will always be big sean and ariana they're just sooo cute and hes good looking too

  11. zak martin says

    Jariana was the best

  12. Yikeees Hello says

    Let's be real jai brooks used her to boost his career with his brothers too smhhh

  13. Justin Bieber says

    You forgot Justin Bieber, isn't he her ex?

  14. Beatriz Rocha says

    Best mistake

  15. Beatriz Rocha says

    Cadê o Justin Bieber

  16. Afra says

    Ricky and JAI were the cutest with ari. I don't like mac but I guess as long as he keeps ari happy. Also this shows me how single I am since ari hasn't been without a man since 08

  17. Niki says

    The reason Jai wasn’t there for her when and grandpa died was because he was on tour

  18. ARIANATOR 4 LIFE says

    Mac is the best one she has had. He is so sweet and funny they both are meant for each other and look so good and hot together. I reallt hope she has found the one for and i hopr that they will spend the rest of their lives together.

  19. kya says

    mac is so perfect for ariana im bawling

  20. Link says

    I want her to date brain

  21. Boca Princess says

    I knew Jai was never good for Ariana- Idc what people say but when it comes to family.

    I’d also say that Big Sean and Mac are best for her. She needs them❤️

  22. Sterndi 1 says

    I note she's got an awful taste in men … (Mac M. ? Pffffffffff….!) :-l

  23. Victoria Justice Sings says

    Jai Is My Least Favorite, My Favs Are Mac And Nathan

  24. Sheesh Sheesh says

    She's 24 and she had 7boyfriends in her life and i have a friend who is only 13years old who had 7girlfriends like bitch where

  25. Grace Hoyle says

    Ari Miller

  26. Lana Milosevic says

    Mac Miller can’t sing

  27. Rohan says

    i wish i had a love life like ari

  28. Moonlight Remixes says

    maciana forever♡

  29. Butera Girl says

    Where is Justin?

  30. Levi Ackerman says

    Mac miller obviously is the best

  31. Amethyst Maries says

    I wonder why Ariana does not like long distance relationships? Also, a lot of these relationships were back-to-back, and that is never good. I, also, am stunned that most of these guys broke her heart/hurt her. But, she is human. Every girl goes through nasty relationships. I just hope her and Mac last. He might not be the prettiest duckling, but she seems like she's very happy with him, and that is all that matters.

  32. nicole anne says

    i think ari and mac always be together beacuse they never broke up since 2012 to 2018 love ya ari and mac

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