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  1. Queen Gomez says

    DAVID!!!!!!! NO!!! She dont has dated david

  2. Kimia Gholizad says

    Wtf?selena has got just tow boyfriend

  3. Carlenna Brattin says

    nick jonas is best boyfriend to her

  4. j j says

    now it's the weekend

  5. Tatiana Valentino says

    Selena Gomez I cannot believe that you dated the guy on oh my God Twilight I love Twilight love you I love you Selena Gomez

  6. Shubi Sharma says

    you and Justin are the best

  7. Dark Ciel says

    She only dated Justin, Nick and now Abel
    The rest is all friendzone

  8. Anthony Coppola says

    Never knew she had jungle fever. She lost respect there.

  9. Sharon McKenzie says

    Bolt have new women now

  10. hh sub says

    I can back together selena justine

  11. Danyela Potter says

    Selena to Nick jonas ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. Jameria Jennings says

    8:30 he looks like jacksepticeye

  13. Kyntiewlang K Lyngdoh says

    all the bf of Selena I like them very much espially niall

  14. Nico Bakkernes says

    Selena go mez jong. Maar haar stem is echt mooi.

  15. shahab khan says

    nail horn
    fuck man

  16. Rishita Faiza says

    wtf alex dated his bother
    thats wrong ;-;
    seriously selena dated him?-.-

  17. Chloe Treveton says

    Justin and selena they were so happy and they lasted the longest and she always smiled its sad that he don't feel that way anymore

  18. Finally someone has a bit sense of boys

  19. samar kumar saha says

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez r the best couples


    Justin et selena c'était le meilleure COUPLE de l'humanité ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. sandeep chavan says

    Selena and Justin made for each other

  22. Dalia Choudhury says

    it's totally fake David and selena never dated

  23. Agris Kondrats says


  24. WlesWeeVEVO says

    all also handsome

  25. Carlenna Brattin says

    nick jonas is best one for her

  26. Heeba Khan says

    Niall is mine

  27. kristin beauty says

    half of them are just rumors and those before justin were platonic Relationship everybody know that Justin was the first Selena had sex with, she was Virgin before, tough he still the ONE for her !!!!!!!!

  28. Goofy Kid says

    she dated Romeo????? Orlando bloom???? Oh my…

  29. Maria Izabel says

    And Charlie Phut.

  30. Team Ally says

    She was dating Niall?

  31. zied josh says

    I have loved one person and i will never forget him how this people can love 15 person !!!

  32. Ms Leo says

    No one much the best for Selena Gomez is only Justin Bieber no more no less…

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