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  1. One direction says

    I thought they are brother and sister

  2. darniel williams says

    When Miley was pure

  3. lanka balakrishna says

    the amazing voice Justin …….justinebieber

  4. Luzia d says

    He didn't kiss her!

  5. jasmin thoo says


  6. VICTOR says

    big liarr. bitch

  7. Mưa Thiên Thần says

    what's this song

  8. Mưa Thiên Thần says

    what's this song

  9. Sumiran Kc says

    Krishna bhajana

  10. Keri and Kyle Taylor says

    I didn't see no kissing all I saw was that they huged

  11. Lisa Mannien says

    im watching in 2017

  12. Lisa Mannien says

    no offense but the camera quality sucks

  13. Tawana Chatima says


  14. Rachel Scott says

    They did not kiss

  15. Trinty Ortiz says

    they did not

  16. Ko Kung says

    the w worst ppl in the world, what is the world coming to!

  17. StellaPlayz says

    When do they kiss

  18. Alvina Keyper says

    They did not kiss you little liar

  19. Карина Иванова says


  20. SaifAlZaabi says


  21. _THE_DIAMOND_WOLF_ says

    Who's watching in 2017?

  22. Aaliyah Montgomery says

    i have this song for about three years now tbh Miley sang it better than Jessica Barrel and that's if I got her name correct

  23. Marylinne Nakhle says

    Where did he kissed her he was just flurting

  24. Atruba jani says

    who's watching in 2017

  25. Rashiid Abukar says

    I hate you you be rude to your fans

  26. Gautam Satalkar says


  27. Mickey Gray says

    2017 anyone?

  28. vero Barrera says

    way you after to male i no have you felt about​ slecgome

  29. Lexi Garcia says

    miley boob are too small she need a boob job

  30. Riya Sachdeva says

    wheres the kiss .did u mean that cheek peek

  31. Melody Gracey says

    WTF you guys? Like if you're watching in 3022.

  32. vu hoang says

    Justin is a cheater

  33. Alysia Huang says

    7 years ago: goals Now: naked slut

  34. Grace Yangu says

    is this even a video

  35. Adeola Eletu says


  36. Kendall Bauler says

    Miley Cyrus does not have a very good voice it is horrible

  37. Ashutosh Shah says

    who else watching in 2018??

  38. ceren x says


  39. Pratik Unadkat says


  40. Shackayla Frederick says


  41. kaung khing says


  42. kaung khing says

    hi justin bieber
    I Love You

  43. Jay B says

    They didn't kiss but it was funny when jb take the hat from her

  44. SaZz Gamer says

    Dare you bitches..where is kiss

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