Beyonce’s Ex Speaks on Losing Her to Jay Z

40 Beyonce’s longtime childhood ex-boyfriend Lyndall spoke to The UK Sun recently about their past relationship and how he came to lose her as the years went on. Aside…

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  1. E VELÁSQUEZ says

    As I told my ex, get over yourself ..move on being stuck in the past won't do shit for you.
    Learn from your experience and appreciate what's in your present or you lose that too

  2. alz mo says

    Fml, this is what happens when you get Siri to talk for you

  3. Wouspor 1 says

    Too many booty to ignore.. move on, nigga

  4. Fiona Gibb-Gray says


  5. Rob suddens says

    yea he's wishing he stayed long enough for that fame n fortune.

  6. jj Josephine says

    That guy is not serious

  7. Grace Mathivla says

    its surprising how people call beyonce a bitch but she has only dated one guy before her husband.

  8. Mudenge Mukundwa says

    they didn't break up because he cheated;!! Beyonce's parents were the ones that got her away from him to pursue her career…she was groomed to be a star ever since she was little she didn't have the time for boyfriends weather she loved him or not…she was the destiny's child

  9. Riot FiftyThousand says


  10. Car Connoisseur says

    looks like jayz is going to feel the same way soon

  11. koobie83 says

    her whole childhood was about Mathew trying to make them into a famous group. how could he not know?
    I don't buy into that! !

  12. Caroline says


  13. Sheridon Greenwood says

    shunt have left then. what happens

  14. Seventy-Seven says

    Dude get over it !"

  15. TAGGED Alliease says

    omg excuse me while I turn from this annoying programmed – like voice and Beyonce did well to marry that devil , besides her parents wanted a star

  16. alice smith says

    Jay-Z loves himself, his money and other peoples women. LOLOLO

  17. Janee Welch says

    get over it

  18. kumukuthi teban says

    yep, that's what you get when you effin cheat

  19. Kyla Thibodeaux says

    i cant believe dem boys be cheating on beyonce like really who would cheat on beyonce if u do u crazy

  20. Ihipera Beazley says

    its only Jay Z this cunt dosent even no what his on about the dick head

  21. Teresa Washington says

    what the he'll they didn't even look right together anyway lol

  22. Dani Perez says

    best thing I never had up in this bitch

  23. Ashley Smothers says

    he envied her tried shitting on her and it back fired so now you have to watch her be happy and glo up on yo ass thats what u get

  24. Savage Warriors says

    what a fucking loser she aint thinkin bout you shes having a fun time without you and jayz you will never get back with her

  25. Danielle Judith says

    sounds like he was a dumbasz. didn't realize what he had until he lost her

  26. flawlessQueenbey flawless says

    when jayz was little he still had big lips

  27. Creolekisses World says

    I bet it is haunting u dumb dumb

  28. Xhan Rhili says

    This reporter sounds like those Old reporters from World War 2..

    even called Hov, "JaY ZET"

  29. Butter Francisco says

    should have thought of that before kissing another girl

  30. Lesharitha. Martin Eirc10 says

    they should of stayed together

  31. enigmaticstatic 7 says

    The most over rated female ever! Fuck knows why?

  32. Billzloveschelsea says

    I would end my life if i was him. letting such a beautiful women like that slip away.

  33. Kc Hall says

    He keeps saying Jay-Zed

  34. S2uce says

    Man when that one got away is a fucking superstar and one of the most beautiful icons on the planet you'll never get over the bitch lmao it must really really really suck to be you gotdamn fuck the money and fame success is the best revenge

  35. Aizen Knaik says

    The guy looked fine when they were younger. 100 times looks better than Jay Z and no amount of money can change that

  36. Salma Yusuf says

    It's always funny when a man cheats on a great woman … then losses her… now he is like…. oh my regret.

    Yup, hope that culinary school making him so happy lol

  37. Salma Yusuf says

    Who is Jzed? Lol

  38. Salma Yusuf says

    He cheated 5 times …. and saying he loves her. Lol

  39. T Mayo says

    Go stick yo finger up yo ass you dummy…she's gone

  40. cake duarte says

    He say they never have sex, Beyoncé lost her virginity with jay-z, at 2021 years, I love how people built a image of her, which is not the true !

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