I Copied KYLIE JENNER’S Instagram Photos for a Week!


So I copied Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Pictures LOL I hope you enjoy:) Follow Me On Instagram!➜ Username: krazyrayray Check out my last video! ➜ http://bit.ly/2BspoZu Subscribe For More…

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  1. Simplesimplicity x says

    Girl you don't just put the wig on STYLE IT!!!

  2. Just Jewels says

    Sarai makes any pic look good

  3. Desi Hodges-Brown says

    On the second one she look like Michael Jackson

  4. Juliee Tee says

    Brb while I recreate Sarai’s insta for a week

  5. BabyGurlTeii101 says

    What app did you use to edit ?

  6. Basic Gold says

    If you like the song it's called 3 strikes

  7. Sierra’s squishies says

    How do you do your buns so good…..please do a video on how to do your bun

  8. Hannah Dries says

    can you do a video on what apps you use for editing and how you edit your pictures???? i loved this video! your editing skills are sooooo good!

  9. Maggie Dries says

    You should definitely do a video telling what apps you use to edit your pictures and how you edit them

  10. Gabriella Käll says

    What edit app is that

  11. Gentree Swensen says

    What app where u using ???

  12. Kaeden Harveland says

    yasss so good bby

  13. Caity Rose says

    Yeesss do moreee

  14. Leia Koren says

    This was so good u did so good

  15. Brooklyn Porth says

    Theses are soooo goood

  16. Ornela Wakandigi says

    aha I LOVED IT


  17. ariana marie says

    Hey u should do one of these but with dove cameron's instagram

  18. Paris Feltner says

    This was wayyy better than I could! You did good!!!!!

  19. Nafisi Tian says

    I think she could have done better

  20. Alejandra Leveron pereira says

    Recreate adelaine Morin’s instagrams ‼️

  21. ashley samantha says

    what editing apps did u use for your pictures?

  22. Ty Johnson says

    What’s the editing app she used called??

  23. MiKayla Rose says

    The worst one was the second to last one other wise they all turned out pretty well, I'm not gonna lie!

  24. giselle Lopez says

    U r so pretty

  25. Ashlynn Lough says

    What did u use for photoshop?

  26. katelolomg says

    what did you use to edit the pictures? loved the video <3

  27. Harley Jordan says

    what app does she use?

  28. juniesparks434 says

    You did so good with this! Love the editing

  29. Ali Hachem says

    I love this vid

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