Kylie Jenner Gives Another Glimpse of Baby Stormi, Kendall Criticized Over Her FEET DR


Kylie Jenner continues to give us little bits and pieces of info regarding baby Stormi, and this time she gave us some toes to go with those adorable little baby hands. Also, why are people…

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  1. Lilianna De La Cruz says


  2. Ariyana Mosley says


  3. Hope Renardson says


  4. shancake and bear says


  5. nope says


  6. C C says


  7. Fuck I'm Shook says

    God that short blonde girl is awful, her attitude is so off putting, get her off this channel.

  8. Luy Santo says

    The day you will learn how your brain works you will look for a more meaningfull job,at the moment you are just filling up your brain with rubish a lot of rubish The worst generation after the war generation are the Millenials extremelly stupid shallown and not smart at all

  9. PizzaIstBae says

    Who tf names their child Stormi smh

  10. Ruby Stonuary says

    Hollyscoops content

    •Cole and Lili dating rumours 45%
    •Anything to do with the Kardashian’s 55%

  11. Patrica Dyson says

    Rude people..

  12. DreamAngel1967 says

    You have the worst f**** Channel you never put the real f**** s*** out there you f**** do nothing but clickbait you f**** dumb b**** do something else

  13. DreamAngel1967 says

    That's why your channel in the video only has 259 views in an hour because you suck!!!! And everybody spreading it to about your channel that you're clickbait and you're both snobby b****

  14. Melony TheRealMartinez says

    Ayeee seventh

  15. Stay Trippy says


  16. Ashley Marroquin says


  17. Amaril Rodriguez says

    i hate u bitches

  18. Joann Cunningham says

    It looks like a Batman car. Furthermore I don’t find that vehicle very family-friendly. It looks like death on wheels. Do you really think that she’s going to need to drive that? That is a stupid gift. She doesn’t need that car like for real Z‘s she doesn’t need that car. And I highly doubt if she keeps it she’s going to drive it frequently. That’s crazy. Diamonds yes, a pearl, yes just not a Batman car

  19. Katie Pringle says

    Why TF do women need a "push present"?? I am a proud mom of 2 and I would be insulted if my husband went and bought me some over the top gift for giving birth to my child. THE CHILD IS THE GIFT! Idk if I'm just old school or what, but I'm only 29 and feel like a lot of people today have just completely lost touch with what's actually important in life… No gift or amount of money could ever come close to the gift of life. You give life to them, but they also give you a new life…. But a new life with a new house would be pretty amazing. That car is bullshit. As if Kylie needs another car… Plus that shit doesn't seem child friendly, where's the million dollar custom mommy mobile with custom safety features?!

  20. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    Oh damn Dua

  21. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    Crazy the ferrari

  22. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    Meh with her feet, they are are kinda weird tho

  23. Queen Bee says

    The internet is going crazy over a baby’s feet?

  24. Ashish Xanathis Nangia says

    goodbye bphone

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