Ariana Grandes Nonna Shocked when Ariana says bad words- Full Video


Full video Of Ariana Grande’s Nonna’s Reaction to Ari’s language. All credits go to its rightful owner(s).

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  1. sham alnagar says

    Wth is she wearing

  2. Tara O Donoghue says

    nonnas there chilling wondering what all this hype is about

  3. Jaylene Bravo says

    The guy at 0:30 slays my life lol

  4. Sydney. Marquardt. says

    Was Frankie in the crows behind Mona

  5. Freya says

    damn nonna was like "Oh damn ariana ur in bad trouble DAMN"

  6. Girly vids By Leyla says

    Lol she looks so bored and annoyed I love her face..

  7. Knuckles says

    Her nonna was so shocked and now i can imagine my nonna

  8. Diese Katha says

    Frankie is the most supportive brother on earth.

  9. alexander duarte says

    Marjorie: OMG!! Now you can’t have any more cookies in my house sweety!!

  10. Alyssa Jade says

    frankie is me

  11. isobelkruger04 says

    I love how Nonna is there like "Ari I raised you better dont swear" and frankie is in full ariana grande goddess mode

  12. Emilia says

    I love how Frankie is litterally JUMPING the entire video! <3

  13. Pit Pit says


  14. Annalie Diaz says

    What did she said?

  15. no way says

    I LOVE Frankie

  16. every cute pie says

    She wasn't amazed by the concert and Ari

  17. jadalynn rodriguez says

    i love how frankie is like her #1 fan

  18. sigrid koopmans says

    2:30 same Frankie .. same

  19. Phoebe Simpson says

    Frankies dancing his heart out and her nonnas just sat there

  20. Ariana Grande France says

    Frankie is me literally

  21. BasicBitch says

    Frankie is my spirit animal

  22. Upscale Avenue says

    Love the harmony at 0:100:12

  23. dangerousgirl TV says

    nonna crying….I love her

  24. Alex Mizuki says

    In what concert was?

  25. ARIANATOR 4 LIFE says

    Bruh her face. I love her and her nonna so much.

  26. Enrico Eugenio Stragiotti says

    I nees to know what concert was today: The way she sing lalala during sometimes is perfect

  27. Emmalyn Gamella says

    0:16 song?

  28. Moonlightbae says

    what city is?

  29. Laura Braam says

    Nonna is in the begining looking borded

  30. -Tyrese says

    0:10 im in love with the harmony she sung it in there

  31. Enrico Eugenio Stragiotti says

    When was the first performance

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