Selena Gomez Enjoys A Day Without Boyfriend Justin Bieber


Friday, February 2, 2018: Selena Gomez met a couple babies and fed ducks after lunch at Casa Vega with friends, in Studio City. The superstar wore soft denim overalls, enjoying her afternoon,…

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  1. Music Addiction says

    Does Selena smoke?

  2. Karmin Cervantes says

    Selena is súper cute and beautiful

  3. Ta legal assim sem estrelismo.

  4. Kiera Allen says

    I thought Selena doesn't smoke. She almost died a few months ago but that's obviously not a reason for her to stop. Pity.

  5. Lovepeace&happiness says

    Selena is a beautiful sweet person . I'm glad She is somewhere getting her a peace mind . She has been threw so much . Great place to choose from by the way . Being around water is so calming for the soul . I go to beaches , lakes , rivers and ponds for peace as well . It calms me down and helps me to relieve all my stress . Feeding the birds is also a plus . Swimming is also a stress reliever .

  6. Leah Clark says

    Can't you let her have one day to herself

  7. Stalking her wow

  8. Pricille K.Carson.M says


  9. Mostelegantprincess says

    Can y’all change the title he ain’t in this video jfc you don’t need to mention him on everything of hers. Vice versa

  10. Djephanie Bazil says

    she don't have blond anymore

  11. Chris A says

    Leave her alone i dont think she likes to be in the spotlight like that

  12. Chris A says

    If the media didnt make up lies and stupid shit maybe celebrities would answer back to them

  13. Victoria Mensah says

    Looking good Selena I'm so proud of you and Justine.

  14. Alex Cuz says

    Realy shi is very cute and sweet girl and singer . Love you !!

  15. Sha Bam says

    I'd be like, don't touch my baby you dirty slut, God knows where your dirty vag has been. Gross.

  16. Sha Bam says

    That girl is riddled with sti's.

  17. Justiп Biebeг says

    ♥♥Selena Gomez♥♥

  18. EmNa AyArI JB says

    She smokes at 2:18

  19. Juanita Torres says

    Selena is so graceful I love her!

  20. Ivan Monroy says

    See you guys… she happy without a boyfriend and doesn't need one, her real supporters is her family and her best friends

  21. john jackson says

    you guys are so fucking annoying

  22. john jackson says

    also whats with all these paparazi being mexicans

  23. Sheena ziarry marie gargar says

    So fast. She have a new hair not short. ..

  24. TreyRBX - Roblox & More! says

    So Selena is back to brown hair?? I thought she still had blonde..

  25. Jennalyn Torres says

    Guy's its not a cigarette its lollipop

  26. chloe bennetts says

    you need to stop taking pictures
    of them they to to s-end time together without u hasziling them at the end of the day there normal people

  27. komal aslam says

    yes she is really great

  28. Zenia James love ZAYN MALIK says

    Selena is an angel and the baby is too cute I would love to have that baby

  29. myra de voogd says

    WHAT HAHAHA so this is news??? SHE ISNT WITH HIM!!!!

  30. sara rose says

    I love her but HATE Justin!

  31. marta 77 says

    Where are Justin?

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