Ariana Grande – MY DESTINY (new snippet)


Hi, This is one of the new snippet out for AG4, listen it is very realistic and sounds great !! Unfortunately is fake, and in this video i want to tell you why. Song intro:…

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  1. kimberley nelson says

    its fake its when she was sick n singing rent on snap

  2. Juan Villanueva says

    Fake. It was an old video she was singing this in her snap

  3. Sage Graie says

    Hi! I love your editing skills, can you tell me what you use in these? I srsly love your videos, thank youuu

  4. the moonsad says

    what is the song intro?

  5. Zoran Madic says

    That sounds really good…:-)

  6. mar ina says

    Love your intro ♥️

  7. Tiago Pantoja says

    The Intro❤

  8. RichBeaverz16 says


  9. Meggo Needs eggos says

    honestly Im a little disappointed that this snippet is fake it sounded like a bop….

  10. Myriam Cobo says

    A ver, ¿latinos por aquí?

  11. Thomas Conway says

    This is so stupid you did it for views

  12. sixsecondsofmarina TM says

    ok but— i genuinely appreciate this account and that intro is amazing

  13. Team Entretenimento says

    Which editor do you use? I need!

  14. Daniel Acuna says

    That is not real

  15. Daniel Acuna says

    oh and the song Knew Better/ Forever Boy

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