Miley Cyrus Freaking Over Liam Hemsworth New Girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez


Eiza Gonzalez is the new girlfriend of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus is reportedly texting Liam nonstop after he was spotted kissing Eiza. Subscribe! Starring Chloe…

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  1. Erynn Goldstein says

    I can't say anyone is right or wrong what would you do if your girlfriend completely changed her appearance and personality

  2. Marlene Hernandez says


  3. Amanda Taylor says

    never on a milon years

  4. i_love_musicsports23 says

    No. They should not date.

  5. Kayla Whitlock says

    Eiza and Liam are dating

  6. Orchid's Blog/Vlog Channel says

    no liam and miley are perfect together

  7. Jael Moll says

    no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. evelyn stever says

    Madonna wanna-be, uses sex to sell herself, yawwwwwwnnn, deja vu. Hope he runs…….away.

  9. TheNessa says

    Lol aren't there reports that Liam and Miley might be together again!! Yayee

  10. Lali Vega says

    No not even

  11. Draugur says

    he should not date any of them. off because he can do a better why they ?? one that is created to turn into something fagot. and another who has been changing in some doll.

    Liam Hemsworth can do better than this. he just needs to look around. and find a better girlfriend than this.

  12. Fg Gh says

    For You Miley Cyrus You Very Good Or Better Good Sing To Song Micky Mouse Rat Big When You Sing Song Micky Mouse I Really Loved With You From Me Elvis Presley Duplicat On The Indonesia Country Thanks You I Do Love You Do

  13. Esther Nicermang says

    no he cant date her…only miley is the best couple for him

  14. Latrisha &Nuriyah Crawford says

    no the should not be together

  15. Hi There says

    shes fake as fuck,., nose job bitch

  16. Tina Folauhola says

    Nope noooooooooope there u go

  17. Josep Bravo says

    con tanta cirugía ni la reconocí

  18. Gisselle Mendoza says

    Eiza is such a good actor I love seeing her novelas ❤️

  19. RubiMercuri says

    "the Hannah Montana in mexico"????? did this bitch really just say that??

  20. Sahir Peerbocus says

    Miley is a pig a real pig ugly bitch ever

  21. Rosa Garcia says

    Miley and Elisa are beutiful

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