Guys Beyonce Knowles Has Dated


Guys Who Dated Beyonce Knowles Like And Subscribe ! In this video I will show you the guys beyonce has dated men beyonce Slept With. beyonce scandal Beyonce Spouse Beyonce boyfriend Beyonce…

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  1. Butter Francisco says


  2. Butter Francisco says

    mos def

  3. Happy Gilmore says


  4. positive1 says

    I doubt that she and Sean Paul dated. She had already been with Jay Z for a year.

  5. Beo Green says

    wrong…the only one that's true and not in this video at all is LeBron James…it was a weekend in Miami 2006 and Jay Z wasn't even in the same city that faithful weekend and was still running around like a fool…thats what made him put a ring on it faster then he wanted too..and rumor has it she still dreams about the 5 mins from time to time …. it's public pics of the weekend on Google

  6. Gee Garner says

    J n B!!!!!

  7. Jabba Harland says

    lies just two people

  8. T Rochelle says

    All those people besides Jay Z obviously she never f***in dated. #Stop it.

  9. QueenBeyFan says

    This is all lies she's been with Jay since she was 20 years old all the way till now

  10. rebecca lopez says

    gorgeous beyonce

  11. Juniper Punch says

    Her outfit in the thumbnail is amazing

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